27 minutes. Five songs. A boiling and bubbling cauldron of Black Metal. That’s what you get from GAEREA’S self-titled debut EP, out now on Everlasting Spew Records. The dissonant guitars and blast beats you’d normally hear on a record of this type are there, obviously, but there is something more going on. For starters, the vocals are some of the rawest and angriest I’ve heard on a Black Metal release in quite some time. Secondly, there is an atmosphere of complete and total tension and bleakness from start to finish, which only adds to the sheer fury of the thing.

“Final Call” at times reminded me of BEHEMOTH, but in a good way as they are a band I love, and “Pray To Your False God” had me wanting to reach for the nearest sharp object to gouge someone’s eyes out then watch them flail about blindly. Obviously I wouldn’t do that, as it’s illegal, but still, a man can dream. “Through Time” has a tribal drum pattern happening that coexists with a fiery vocal delivery, and that combination makes it an instant standout.

Opener “Sanctificato” is a bit different from the others in that it has more of an intro and build-up before setting out to fuck shit up. This one also leans a bit more on the Death Metal side musically, while the vocals successfully straddle the line between the two styles. And then closer “Void of Numbness” comes along to just rip your head off like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, putting the final exclamation point on one hell of a fucking debut EP.

At the end of the day GAEREA have found a way to unleash Hell with this disc. I expect big things from the band, and to anyone who says different, talk to me in two years. Let’s see what this group will have conquered by then. Pick up your copy of the EP today, and get yourself ready for a band who’s about to make a lot of noise in the Black Metal world. I guarantee you will not be disappointed by what you hear on this disc.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Through Time”, “Void of Numbness”, “Pray To Your False God”


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