CTULU returns with self-titled album number four, out now on MDD Records. I knew absolutely nothing about this band till now, which is a damn shame because they’re really good. So now I’ve got three other albums to look into as well. Technically they’re a Black Metal band, but the Death Metal influence is strong on this record. Opener “Serce krwawe” is proof positive of that, and “Treibjagd” has some elements of it too. This song actually made me think of BEHEMOTH right away, especially when the vocals kicked in. Over the course of eight tracks the band will definitely put you through the wringer, that’s for sure.

“Totenhauswinde” is all blast beats and black metal guitars ripping through the flesh of the living and feasting on their organs, “Rozgoryczona, rozczarowana, a gotowa na wszystko”…uhhh… what?? I have no idea what the fuck this title means or what the hell this song is even about, but I dig it. Starting out with some strummed clean guitars, it then heavies up and lumbers forth like a tugboat for most of the song before the last 2:30 turn up the jets. “Heerführer der Herrenlosen” is also a ripper from beginning to end, and “Dämmerung” is one that really straddles the black/death territory,though it leans slightly toward the black side.

“Von Mondeswäcthern und Mendschverächtern” is one of the record’s more furious-sounding tunes and definitely a personal favorite. Everything comes together here. Demonic sounds, blast beats, guitars that rip, and hellish vocals. The ending sounds like an all-out street fight. Closing the disc is “Die Arkaden von R’lyeh”, easily the most sinister number of all. The whole band just unleashes every arrow in their quivers aimed straight at your chest for nearly four minutes, rendering it nearly impossible to duck, and making this one hell of a closer.

As I said before, I had zero clue when it came to CTULU, but I am sure as shit glad I decided to press PLAY when this record hit my inbox. The whole thing is succinct, to the point, and down to business, much like Jackie in Risky Business. These are good songs to sit back and watch the world burn to, and I think most fans of Black Metal and Death Metal will dig this album. They’ve certainly made a fan out of me, that’s for sure. And it’s an added bonus knowing there are three more discs to check out, which I’m gonna start on as soon as possible. You should, too, starting with this one.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Von Mondeswäcthern und Mendschverächtern”, “Die Arkaden von R’lyeh”, “Treibjagd”, “Totenhauswinde”

RATING: 9/10

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