So here comes BROKENRAIL with a self-titled EP (out now), their third. Originally planning to release a full-length, this time the band opted instead to put out a little three-song teaser to whet the appetites of their fans. The tracks were engineered by Joseph McQueen (AS I LAY DYING) with mixing and mastering by Kane Churko (GEMINI SYNDROME) and Logan Mader (BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE) of MACHINE HEAD fame. And as far as who PLAYS on these tracks we have Alex Hilton (Drums), Nelson Rezek (Guitar), Blake Clawson (Vocals), and Dick Black (Bass).

Ok, so now that we got the “who does what” out of the way let’s talk about the songs. Of the three, the one I gravitated to first was “Save Me”. The hook just pulls you in, and there’s a definite murky tone and atmosphere to it. Opener “Memory” has shades of BREAKING BENJAMIN and THREE DAYS GRACE and it’s a pretty good way to kick things off. “Walk Again” is the most aggressive and in-your-face of the three, and at the same time it boasts the most anthemic chorus, making this the runaway favorite after several spins.

Look, at the end of the day I liked this EP, but that’s it. And that’s because the guys in BROKENRAIL aren’t giving us anything new or groundbreaking with these tunes. It’s also fairly obvious that they’re influenced by bands who have been fixtures on rock radio for over a decade, and that’s fine. If you know what you like, that’s what you should be writing. For me, the jury is still out on this band. By no means am I writing them off or dismissing them; I just need to hear more material before I can declare my allegiance. But they’ve definitely got a good thing going for them and the ladies should love them if they don’t already.



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