UR – Hail Death

UR has risen from the cold wintry depths of Poland to deliver their debut EP Hail Death (out now, Arachnophobia Records), which the band calls a Black Metal, Thrash, Doom Beast. I’d say that sums it up perfectly, except they manage to pull out the good stuff on the Doom front without letting one note ring for 10 minutes (Oy, I hate that crap!). I have to say I was impressed with these guys right away; something grabbed me from the very first listen. Perhaps it’s that aura of embracing death that permeates each and every track. Or maybe it’s the raw, primal, animalistic feel of the songs. Either way, there’s a lot of greatness to be found here.

Opener “A Dying Star” has the relaxing sound of a babbling brook before the Black Metal riffs come up and slice you to ribbons. Then “The Tongue of Fire” ups the ante and goes in with pounding drums and chugging guitars. “Let the Darkness Come” is pure, unbridled chaos from the opening tip, and it’s haunting tone make it one of the best on the disc. “Total Inertia” takes more of the scenic route to get where it’s going, but it’s a banger nonetheless, and even features some sinister clean singing at times.

“Only Bones Stay Here” was another instant favorite, largely due to the fact that the riff is just vicious and the vocals simply sound PISSED! Closing things out is yet another winner with “Infinity.” I mean, really all the tracks are great, but some of them just reach a higher level of said greatness, like this one does. It definitely sounds like a band that has totally gelled by the time we get here, and once again, those goddamn riffs, riffs, RIFFS!! Overall Hail Death is a seriously fucking excellent EP and UR is one of those bands that will no doubt turn into a force to be reckoned with in the extreme metal landscape. Pick this one up TODAY!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Let the Darkness Come”, “Only Bones Stay Here”, Infinity”

RATING: 4.2/5

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