Mors Principium Est – Embers Of A Dying World

I have always loved epic, orchestral sounding Melodic Death Metal bands and so remember taking a liking to MORS PRINCIPIUM EST early on and I frequently listened to one of their earlier albums, The Unborn. I admit I hadn’t listened to them in recent years but was excited to hear their newest record, Embers of a Dying World, releasing in the USA on February 10 via AFM Records.

Embers of a Dying World is introduced with a very intense, apocalyptic instrumental, “Genesis”, which builds the energy for this epic piece. The album doesn’t skip a beat while transitioning into “Reclaim the Sun”, and continues into what feels like a charge to battle. While these first two tracks are more orchestral themed, “Masquerade” opens with an enticing guitar lead pulling you into the riffs that follow. As a whole this record is different from what I generally hear, and I mean that for the better. The energy of every track gets me hyped to slay a dragon and as we go “Into the Dark” for the fourth one, I feel like we have begun our decent into the fire to find the beast.

The dragon slain, we parade victoriously on into “The Drowning”. I haven’t really dissected the lyrics and we haven’t been given any information on it yet, but I do feel a story is being told through the tracks. Regardless, I feel like I am the part of a story and the music transports me into another world. “Death Is the Beginning” has an almost soft, mournful tone throughout as guitar leads shred into heaven. The lyrics “fear not, we will meet again” while almost a cliché, resonate as you feel the emotion pumping through the music.

While the beginning of the album carried us into battle, as we near the middle it gets almost sad with much more depressing tones in the intros like in “The Ghost”, however the double kick picks up and the energy builds towards the end. That double kick from drummer Mikko Sipola is heard keeping a constant high speed tempo throughout many of these tracks and it continually amazes me how much stamina he has.

As the final songs roll through, my ears are happy with the melodious sounds of “Apprentice of Death”. Our maturity tests complete we ascend a staircase to either defeat or to be crowned the Apprentice, as immortality awaits. Overall, Embers of a Dying World is an excellent piece and something I plan on listening to for awhile and will definitely recommend. Be sure and pick it up February 10 on digipak, limited vinyl, and/or download.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Reclaim the Sun”, “The Ghost, “Apprentice of Death”

RATING: 8/10


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