The Coathangers/Pearl Earl/Acid Carousel: Club Dada – Dallas, TX 2/9/17

Club Dada in Dallas was a lot more packed for a Thursday night than what you would expect. THE COATHANGERS, PEARL EARL, and ACID CAROUSEL all came together February 9 for a wonderful show.

ACID CAROUSEL did a wonderful job of opening up the show. With songs having titles like “Higher Than the Beatles!” it’s easy to see who their influences are. Even though that style of music isn’t really my cup of tea, this band is very good at it and is certainly an act that you should check out at their next show.

PEARL EARL was on next, but was sadly disappointing. All of their songs sounded alike to the point where I had to peek at their set list to make sure that they weren’t playing songs twice over. The vocalist did not seem to be enjoying herself very much at all, however this could have been due to concentration more than actual disinterest. It’s not that PEARL EARL was bad, it’s just that they’re good at one thing and don’t venture outside of that comfort zone, even when it’s detrimental to do so.

Finally, THE COATHANGERS came onstage to present their version of 90’s girl punk. They’re great to watch live, their sound is very close to their records, and the group dynamic they have is phenomenal. The audience, mostly consisting of younger kids, seemed to really get into it with a few crowd surfers littering the venue from time to time. Overall the show was a good mix of decent to wonderful local bands, and an excellent headliner to close out the evening.


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