Xandria – Theater Of Dimensions

XANDRIA, the German group that plays an outstanding kind of symphonic metal is back to kick off 2017 with a new release, which is described with an excitement that goes beyond dimensions. The most special thing about this style of music is that is fits so perfectly in places where the winter is ruling over natural selection and it gives power to the night as it passes by every day during this season.

Theater of Dimensions is the title of XANDRIA’s seventh studio album (out now, Napalm Records). It’s certainly a very decent way to kick off the year. This record features many contributions from people that are not part of the band, including Björn Strid from SOILWORK. The combination of musical elements that happen every second make this release a very dynamic one, although sometimes with a slower sound, but beautiful to the ears of anyone who’s been a fan of this style of metal like me.

The opening song “Where the Heart is Home” has some suspense at the beginning, a necessary factor to build momentum and kick off the digestion of this art. “Death to the Holy” starts of with some drum work, which opens up the path to a catchy melodic riff with a faster tempo. “Forsaken Love” is also another catchy song that gets rid of the heavier sound of the guitars for the first half of it, but comes back with higher notes to give it more strength. “Call of Destiny” brings back the heavy metal and darker riffs, including a tremendous sweeping guitar solo. It’s a very dynamic track from the beginning to the end.

“We Are Murderers (We All)” iis a really heavy one, almost a transition to melodic death metal if it wasn’t for Dianne van Giersbergen’s beautiful voice (and a few growls). “Dark Night of the Soul” is the much needed piano track that every symphonic metal album must include. Slow and beautiful that will get you lost in time…with some guitar work, eventually.

Moving on, “When the Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born)” brings back the high opera notes with slower heavy metal riffs. This turned out to be a well-composed melodic metal song that holds the high notes for as long as it lasts. “Ship of Doom” might sound a bit like a mass chant just before the distorted guitars come and take over. As soon as this song progresses it brings more epic material to your ears. “Céilí” starts off with the clear guitar work which almost sounds like an Irish must-play song for their future festivals. It’s fun, nevertheless.

“Song for Sorrow and Woe” is another long track where Dianne’s voice completely stands out once the notes are elevated up to the sky by every second. “Burn Me” is the suspenseful song that comprehends very basic rock riffs and is also pretty entertaining. “Queen of the Hearts Reborn” almost finishes the album with the ideal acoustic introduction and Dianne’s hypnotizing voice. It doesn’t end here though, “A Theater of Dimensions” is the great 14-minute closing track for this essential album. Enough time to get stuck in the wonders of symphonic metal.

Theater of Dimensions is an album that changes the vibe as each song passes by. XANDRIA have delivered very entertaining music that does the work even better for these cold days. This band has remained true to their style and I really hope they continue to play more shows with other great bands to keep spreading a style of music that has stopped me from overreacting to the world that we’re living in today. Props to every member for busting their backs on this album and giving the fans thirteen reasons to keep following the band and support them for the time they want to be with us artistically.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “A Theater of Dimensions”, “Where the Heart is Home”, “Death To The Holy”, “Forsaken Love”, “Call of Destiny”, “We Are Murderers (We All)”

RATING: 8/10


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