Inferno – Genética Humana

Spanish thrashers INFERNO have a new album Genética Humana that is available as we speak via Necromance Records. Truth be told I knew nothing when I received the promo, so it sat there for awhile, lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But after finally checking it out I can definitely say I’m a fan of this band. Now, the lyrics are all in Spanish, so I don’t have much of an idea what it is they’re talking about. But I will say that vocalist Juan Manuel León sounds extremely pissed off all the time. He’s the kind of guy I wanna do shots with at a party, then go fuck some shit up!

Again, not having much to go on what stood out to me the most was the piss and vinegar with which this band plays on the record. Tracks like “Cien Mil Golpes” and “Asesino” fly the flag for old school Thrash Metal in every way, with each member digging in and going to town. “Muérete” was a definite favorite from jump because quite frankly it’s a spitfire of a track. I really like the ferocity with which these guys attack their songs; it pumps you up and makes you wanna go lift heavy things.

“No Es Tú Dios” is another winner for me because I just love the buzz saw riffing of the guitars, courtesy of Ángel Bermúdez “Koto” and Antonio González. “Tu Credo” is fast as fuck and tough as nails, and if this band ever came anywhere close to my neck of the woods I would simply demand they play this one live, holy FUCK!! “Amnesia” closes the album, and it’s a very fitting way to wrap things up. The attitude is there, but there’s a melodic aspect that might surprise some people, making this yet another favorite.

All told I really like this band. I may have no idea what they’re singing about most of the time, and once in awhile they get a little repetitive for my taste, but still, this record is a blast to put on and go off to. You guys should definitely check INFERNO, and their new record Genética Humana out. I think you’ll have a good time with it, especially after a few shots. Cheers!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Muérete”, “No Es Tú Dios”, “Tu Credo”, “Amnesia”

RATING: 8/10

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