Syteria – Rant-O-Bot

Leeds, England based SYTERIA has introduced a refreshing and very punky sounding album titled Rant-O-Bot (self-produced and out now). SYTERIA was the brainchild of Jackie (Jax) Chambers, current lead guitarist for GIRLSCHOOL. Founded in 2015, Jax has put an outstanding collection of mates from various areas of South Yorkshire. Let’s put it this way, punk is NOT dead. It is back with a fresh and new sound. With bandmates Chambers (guitar/vocals), Julia Vocal (lead vocals/guitar), Keira Kenworthy (bass/vocals) and Pablo Calvo (skins/vocals), SYTERIA began an album pledge campaign in October 2016, and by the time it was all said and done, had exceeded their goal receiving 567% of the needed pledge. With less than two years under their belt, the band has played a number of gigs around the UK and plan on heading off to mainland Europe (Switzerland) in 2017. They are making waves already.  

Beginning this album is “Revolution”. Kenworthy starts the tune with a tasty bass line. Guitars and harmonizing vocals are the most prominent assault on the senses. This recording is clean, fast paced and warns the listener that the revolution is just ahead, meaning, I’m assuming, the rest of the album and band itself (and likely some attitude as well). “When I Get Out of High School” slides into the second position. The band put out a video for this song in May 2016. It features a tough biker looking for delinquent, defiant, attitude ridden high school teenagers (played by the band). He’s seen chasing them with his bike, but turns out he is only looking for autographs.

“Complications” slows down to describe how life can be quite complicated and that “living should be easy”. Chambers has some short, tasty solo guitar work here. Next up is “Sheeple” a faster paced tune which made its debut about six months prior to the release. It has been re-recorded and is much better than the original. The effort describes being a “model citizen” and doing what society expects, moving forward blindly (sheeple). “I’m All Woman” is about a strong woman’s positive, strong opinion of herself, knowing what she wants, being sex, respect and honesty, possibly staying detached from commitment. Now, I’m a dude, so what the hell do I know??? Listen for yourself. I’m NOT a good judge of why women do what they do.

“Get a Life” demonstrates the great harmony this group has. If there is a signature SYTERIA song it might be this one. The lyrics portray that we all have a plan, which might be easier if we had it written down. One senses the doubt we have about our own lives, yet things seem to work out anyway. “Stupid Girl” speeds it up with a slightly longer than two minute, punky sound. To me, the song is about a girl who doesn’t take responsibility for anything and drifts along aimlessly oblivious to reality. “Loner” takes a different tact and is a bit more traditional 80’s feel and Julia shines here with her vocals.  

Continuing with a punky/rock 90’s tone is “Hypocrite”. With nice guitar, bass licks and tasty drum solo, it’s just a good rock n roll song. By far the fastest and one of the shortest on the album and written by Kenworthy is “Kamikaze”. It shows off her bass playing ability. Nice job. Next up is “If”. We All Have Regrets and Mistakes and “if” we could go back, there are some things we would do over. It’s a thought we’ve all had. Finishing up is “New World Order”. A certain stab at the World Health Organization’s mandatory food standards and thus in a way of controlling what people can consume. Segway, one world government and a world full of controlled, mindless people (sheeple). A rejection to attempt to make everyone the same.

SYTERIA shows what a very successful fan pledge campaign can do and the results, in the right production hands, can be a very kickass album. Jax sends her sincerest appreciation for the pledgers and fans and all the support. Kudos to Dutch Michaels, Executive Producer and his crew. While not available to the public for several months (only pledgers), the album will be presented with a different look when publically released, so keep a watch.   Salude’


RATING: 10/10


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