Green Day Brings The Revolution Radio Tour To Dallas!! – American Airlines Center 3/4/17

So what does one say about the legendary GREEN DAY? With the third stop on their North American Revolution Radio Tour, the left wing punk rockers from from Berkeley, California invaded American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas to a packed house. Bringing Florida-based AGAINST ME! with them to warm up the crowd, GREEN DAY brought an energy packed performance.

The set consisted of 29 songs, which included six from the new release Revolution Radio. The house was jammed with everything from teenagers to millennials to seniors. This band goes back to 1987 and has dedicated fans all over the globe. Crowd favorites included “American Idiot”, “King For a Day”, ‘She”, “Basket Case”, “Minority” and concluded with “Good Riddance” at the second encore.

I have to admit that, with as many live concerts as I’ve attended, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band have as much fun onstage  and who included the audience in the show. I don’t think you could find many bands who put so much effort into entertaining and including the crowd and quite honestly themselves, save for DORO.

Billy Joe Armstrong (lead singer/guitar) also invited audience members up onstage. Our first guy was brought up to sing with the band. While that was cool, Armstrong encouraged him to exit, not left, nor right stage, but by taking a running start and haulin’ ass down the extended run way from the stage where he made a flying leap and crowd surfed off the stage.

Of course the crowd went nuts. What I thought was the best part of the entire night was that Armstrong spent several minutes asking the crowd who could play four chords on a guitar. He spotted a girl who could not have been older than 15 years and said she had been playing for five years. He invited her up. This instantly resulted in a 20 second hug from her to the delight of the crowd.

Armstrong led her to the end of the runway, guitar in hand. After showing her what chords to play, Armstrong knelt beside her, with microphone where she sang with him and nailed those four chords right along with the band until “Knowledge” was over. She killed it, it sounded incredible. After another long hug, Armstrong then told her she could keep the guitar!! The crowd went nuts. It was a brilliant moment.

Besides forgetting the words to “Longview”, Armstrong handled the audience and performance superbly. Along with the occasional “F-you Donald Trump” it was a great show, really fun, not too loud and just about perfect. If you get the chance to see GREEN DAY on this tour, DO IT!!    ~Salude’



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