Talking About Scatterbrain And A Whole Lot More With KXM’S dUg Pinnick!!


After three long years the wait is finally over and a new KXM record is coming in the form of Scatterbrain, due out on March 17 via Rat Pak Records. This is a band like no other with a musical pedigree that simply can’t be touched. George Lynch (guitar), Ray Luzier (drums), and dUg Pinnick (bass, vocals) have once again crafted something truly amazing, and if you don’t know who any of these men are stop reading now and hit yourself over the head with the nearest blunt instrument. I sat down with dUg recently to discuss the new album as well as what’s going on with KING’S X and a bunch of other projects he’s involved in. Have a look:

Amps: You were the first interview I ever did, at Trees Dallas, in May of 2013. I was so nervous and you made me feel totally at ease. And incidentally, THAT is where you first told me about KXM, but at that point you said you guys were a group working on a record, no name yet.

dUg: Ah, we named ourselves right before we put the debut out. We couldn’t think of anything so we said, “Let’s just use our initials.”

Amps: That record was one of the best of 2014, Hell one of the best of the last few years!

dUg: Oh, thank you! That’s awesome. Don’t stop, I love it (laughs).

Amps: If it’s possible you may have topped it with Scatterbrain, and the debut was a perfect 10/10 for me.

dUg: I hope so. I hope we keep moving forward and not just rehash, you know?

Amps: Was the songwriting approach the same this time around?

dUg:¬†Yeah, we just jammed everything out like last time. We did it very quickly. I think we’ve been playing for so long and doing this for so long it doesn’t take long for us to come up with riffs and parts. Some bands it may take them a year to record one song, not us.

Amps: One of my favorites so far is definitely “Not a Single Word,” and “Noises In the Sky” is incredibly well put-together, too. What are some of yours?

dUg: It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror. Some days I like what I see, some days I don’t (laughs). I don’t know, I really, really like for everyone else to decide their favorites, because I really can’t tell you which ones are my favorites. When I’m a part of something, once it’s complete I don’t go back and listen to it. I mean, I play a record many, many times before it comes out, but once it’s released I’ll probably never play it again. That’s what I do. I play the shit out of it until the day it’s released, and then after it’s out there’s nothing you can do. It’s there, and it’s time to start writing some new tunes, and I don’t look back.

Amps: I know you’re a very busy guy. How many projects do you have going now? It’s hard to keep track of you, you’re everywhere.

dUg: I have a side project called GRINDER BLUES, a blues band with Jabo and Scott Bihlman and it’s a blues rock band in the style of ZZ TOP’S Tres Hombres tuned down to C and B. It’s really hardcore blues, but tuned down low. I’m getting ready to fly to Indiana to finish up the vocals on Grinder Blues II. I have a Jimi Hendrix tribute record coming out as soon as we get the KXM record out. I took a couple guys in the studio with me and we decided to do some Hendrix covers and try to replicate them as close to the record as we could. It was a lot of fun, and that’ll be out pretty soon. It’s called Often Imitated, never Duplicated.

Amps: The three of you in KXM have a lot going on all year, but do you think we’ll see some KXM live dates anytime soon?

dUg: Not with KXM. Ray’s on tour with KORN for a year so there’s nothing we can do. But KING’S X is doing some shows. We’re going to Europe in a few months, and we’re talking about doing a new record, too. So that’ll be coming up as well.

Amps: Really?? I was just gonna ask!

dUg: Yep. I’m excited. It’s been almost ten years since we put one out, so we’ll see what we can come up with (laughs).

Amps: The last one XV, and Gretchen Goes to Nebraska are two of my favorites, and permanent fixtures in my phone at work.

dUg: That’s awesome man, oh wow!

Amps: I saw you twice on the XV tour, once with EXTREME, and once with BLACK WATER RISING. Awesome shows!

dUg: Those were some great nights, man.

Amps: Since your hernia operation and Jerry’s (Gaskill, drums) heart problems how is everyone’s health these days? All good?

dUg: Oh, we’re all fine. Yeah, it’s been years since all that stuff happened, so we’re ready to go!

Amps: You’ve got so many irons in the fire, what’s next? Are you gonna start flying into burning buildings and save people Superman-style? The dUg Pinnick-machine never seems to stop.

dUg: (Laughs) well, Bruce Franklin (guitar) from TROUBLE and I, we did a record with our band SUPERSHINE. He sent me a bunch of tracks to sing and play bass to, so that’ll be coming down the road as well. I’m gonna keep going until I can’t go.

Amps: Is there anything else you like to do, or is it all music all the time?

dUg: I actually don’t have any free time. And I don’t want any because if I’m not making music with some kind of project, I’m on social media trying to keep my career up, you know? I don’t do anything else. At my age I just wanna make as much music as I can before I’m gone.

Amps: When the listener gets this KXM album in their greedy little hands what do you hope they take away from it after they finish the last song?

dUg: I hope they say it’s the greatest record they’ve ever heard (chuckles). I mean that’s what we all really want. What I expect is that hopefully the people that loved the first album love the next one and they’ll pass it on so more people will come to the party. Yeah, everything I do I always hope will become the greatest thing anybody’s ever heard. Not that I think it is, because the way I look at it is you gotta get the people to hear what you’re doing, and if enough of them hear it they’ll like it, you know?

Amps: What would you like to say to all the fans of your music out there in the world?

dUg: Thank you for all your support. It’s made a world of difference in everything that I’ve done in my life and that I am. Don”t give up your dreams. Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let anybody tell you not to.

It feels like A&GS has come full circle with this one. Nearly four years after sitting down with my first ever interview, dUg Pinnick, it was great to talk to him again and be reminded of what a nice and humble guy he is. And to also have my mind blown by how much this man works, works, and works! Scatterbrain from KXM comes out March 17, so be sure to grab your copy that day…NO EXCUSES!!

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