So OBITUARY has a new self-titled album that’s out now on Relapse Records, and it’s pretty fucking cool. Now, if you’re one of the people like me who thought Inked In Blood was just OK, then fear not, because this record is goddamn savage!! The songs for the most part are very good and the whole thing makes for an enjoyable listen. John Tardy’s vocals are forged from the fires of Hell, and his brother Donald on drums makes sure the evil is kept up with his hard pounding of the skins.

Right away the songs that jumped out were “Sentence Day”, “Lesson In Vengeance”, and “End It Now” for their sheer ferocity and power. Upon further listens I really noticed that “Turned to Stone” had something a little different to offer, which is always cool. The guitars of Trevor Peres and Allen West truly shine on this track, as they unload walls of riffs on you. “Betrayed” is pretty standard fare before we get to my absolute favorite in “Straight to Hell”. I’ve never heard OBITUARY sound like this and I love it! I interviewed Donald recently and this was his favorite track, too. Great minds?

“Ten Thousand Ways to Die” is interesting because the rhythm and sway of both the vocal and guitar lines make for arguably the record’s most unique aside from “Hell”. “Kneel Before Me” is pretty mean and straightforward, while opener “Brave” is all speed, power, and fury. THIS is how you open a fucking record! “It Lives” moves forward at more of a slow grinding pace and I envision a steamroller coming in and flattening everything in its path every time I hear it. It may not be fast, but the vocals and guitars are gut-punching.

Once again OBITUARY prove themselves to be consistently among the masters of Death Metal, and after 30 years of killer tunes there’s no signs of them slowing down or letting up anytime soon. The fact that this record doesn’t even need a name is a telling sign. They just put OBITUARY on it and basically dare you to listen. Like I said before, “savage” is the best way to describe this release. If you love old school death like I do, then own this disc ASAP!! And be sure to catch them on tour with KREATOR this spring. I’ll be there in Philly on April 15, hope to see you!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “End It Now”, “Straight to Hell”, “Sentence Day”, “Lesson In Vengeance”, “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”

RATING: 9/10

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