Dying Fetus Destroys Voltage Lounge!! – Philadelphia, PA 3/17/17

This show was the best of both worlds, the local Philadelphia Death Metal scene colliding with Maryland Death Metal legends DYING FETUS. Voltage Lounge was packed to the brim with sweaty, drunk metalheads and it was a fucking blast.

No filler, this sold-out show went right to the fucking point. Philly’s own KILL THE STIGMATIC (hardcore blackened death metal band) set it off with a bang, ripping through tracks off their recently released album, Possessing the Catatonics (listen HERE). There was no shortage of circle pits and you could definitely feel the camaraderie of the awesome local scene.

This included a very special mic handoff between KILL THE STIGMATIC vocalist Mikey Tyler and former COGNITIVE vocalist Jorel Hart (now in DISINHUME). KILL THE STIGMATIC played a killer set and definitely set the energy off right as the crowd anticipated DYING FETUS.

DYING FETUS annihilated Voltage Lounge with their beyond brutal, unrelenting set from beginning to end. They played crowd favorites such as “Beaten into Submission”, “In the Trenches”, and “Subjected to a Beating” to name a few. Pits and stage dives erupted endlessly. They also previewed new tracks that will be featured on their new album Wrong One to Fuck With.

All I can tell you is if you missed this you fucked up! This show was a fucking party and a perfect venue to shoot DYING FETUS’ live music video. I can’t wait to see the footage especially with all the local Philly favorites like the Chicken Man (who I always capture in my photos).


2 comments to “Dying Fetus Destroys Voltage Lounge!! – Philadelphia, PA 3/17/17”
2 comments to “Dying Fetus Destroys Voltage Lounge!! – Philadelphia, PA 3/17/17”

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