The World Over – Mountains

Once again I am extraordinarily late to the party on a band that’s been under my nose for a while now. Maybe I need my head examined. That’s the only reason I can think of that THE WORLD OVER has escaped me for so long. Fronted by Tiaday Ball (who also plays bass and rocks hard in EYES SET TO KILL) this group has it all: melodies, balls, and hooks for days. Once I finally got it together and pressed PLAY on their latest EP Mountains I was enamored instantly. I recently saw Ball with ESTK and was truly floored not only by her playing ability but also her stage presence and vocals which galvanized me into action on this one.

Opening track “Traitor” really sets the tone for what’s to come as it starts out just a tiny bit subdued and then, before you know it, the band comes crashing down on you like nobody’s business. “Liberosis” has this beat that will thump you, but it’s also very sexy in places, and that chorus is fucking sweet as candy to my ears. This is definitely a favorite on the disc. On “Let Go” the electronic elements really make their presence known, which is not even close to a bad thing. They actually help to enhance the mood and emotion of the song, with its pendulum swing just before the hook.

Tribalesque drums punctuate “Invisible” and give it an added punch while Ball’s voice truly shines. This combo gives it an extra “Oomph!” for sure. Closing the disc is title track “Mountains,” a piece that has quite a bit of mood and ambience in it while managing to be heavy as well. It’s also got another killer chorus like the rest of the songs on this EP do. All told THE WORLD OVER are about to take their rightful place as one of The Maestro’s favorite bands from here on out. I loved every single minute of Mountains, and I am now a YUUUUGE fan of this band. I can only hope they come to Philly with a quickness so I get to rock out with them live!



2 comments to “The World Over – Mountains”
2 comments to “The World Over – Mountains”

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