Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him

So guess who’s back with album number three? VALLENFYRE, that’s who! Twelve songs. No samples. No triggers. No bullshit,” is how Greg Mackintosh (vocals/guitars) sums up what one can expect from Fear Those Who Fear Him (June 2, Century Media Records). “Instead you get crucifyingly loud amps, ferocious drumming, and vicious vocals spitting out hate and venom. Raw honest brutality. No conformity. No compromise.” And ya know what? I’ll co-sign on that all day long. This sounds like something that has been laying on the floor of some rabid, bloodthirsty, razortooth-having creature’s lair, and since it’s already soaked in the red, red clarin that only makes it dirtier and meaner.

“Born to Decay” starts us off and it’s a very simple intro with a biting riff that makes you go, “Whoa! Something’s gonna go down, here!” And that takes us right into “Messiah” which is 100% full-on nasty, Mackintosh growling like an animal. One thing that I truly love about this band is their riffing which I briefly mentioned. Whether on a pair of studio headphones or my earbuds at work I can just feel the meat on those kickass riffs. And “Degeneration” is a perfect example of what I mean, as is “Amongst the Filth” two tracks that make me feel like I can hear my blood pumping through my veins.

“Kill All Your Master” is another one full of FUCK YOU-attitude, love it! And even when the band grinds down the tempo of the game on tunes like “The Merciless Tide” and “An Apathetic Grave” that slow, deliberate pacing only serves to make them even more menacing, as the riffs appear poised to stab you right through your fucking heart. “Dead World Breathes” is 40 seconds long, and just might be the most pummeling track on this whole disc. That guitar coupled with the kick drum attack gets you right in the chest and then it’s gone. And for good measure, “Soldier of Christ” is happy to boot you in the nuts when you’re already down and walk away.

Closing track “Temple of Rats” was definitely a favorite because, you guessed it, riffs, riffs, and glorious riffs!! Well, one thing’s for sure: VALLENFYRE didn’t come to dick around with Fear Those Who Fear Him. This disc is twelve tracks that bow to no one, take no shit, and are relentlessly uncompromising. Man oh man, I would love to hear some of these live if and when they come to Philly. If you’re having a bad day, fire up this record. Go get it when it comes out, you’ll be glad you did. And if you destroy anything, send us pictures of the damage!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Temple of Rats”, “Kill All Your Master”, “Degeneration”, “Amongst the Filth”, “Messiah”, “The Merciless Tide”

RATING: 9/10

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