Adrenaline Mob – We The People

ADRENALINE MOB to me has always been one of those bands that goes hand in hand with burgers and beer. I can’t describe why that is, but whenever I fire up one of their records the next thing I wanna do is fire up my grill in the backyard. Which is fine because when their last offering Men of Honor came out in 2014 I was living just outside Dallas, Texas, where it’s ALWAYS BBQ weather. Now that I’m back in the Philly area, the band deciding to release a new disc We the People in early June is perfect for just that. As far as the tunes go you know exactly what you’re getting: solid rock and metal riffs, pounding drums, and Russell Allen’s incredible voice.

Right from jump the first ones that caught my ear was the title track and “Chasing Dragons.” I really like the arrangement and guitar lines on “Dragons” while “People” has that chant you can imagine getting stuck in your head for a while. “The Killer’s Inside” is a delightfully evil tale about a very bad man so naturally this was right up my alley, while “Raise ‘Em Up” fulfills all the requirements needed to be an anthem. And one of the heavier tracks on an album that’s already plenty heavy is “Ignorance and Greed.” “What You’re Made Of” has also got some serious “Ooomph!” to it and would probably destroy in a live setting, but it has a catchy hook, too.

The disc opens with “King of the Ring”, a pretty good way to start things off. It’s textbook ADRENALINE MOB which isn’t a bad thing, as is “Til’ the Head Explodes,” the latter having a distinct SEVENDUST feel to it. And that’s one of the reasons I like this band, the familiarity. Like a musical comfort food. Changing the pace is “Bleeding Hands”, an acoustic-electric mid-tempo number with a nice chorus, while “Blind Leading the Blind” proves to be another standout, musically and especially lyrically. It’s a sign of these times in 2017, that’s for sure. Allen lays it all out on the hooks and Mike Orlando’s guitar solo is easily the most passionate on the disc.

“Violent State of Mind” has a sick groove and hopefully it also makes its way into future setlists. New members Jordan Cannata (drums), and TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA’S Dave Z. on bass really get to shine on this one, and in the later stage it really sounds like everyone’s having a blast. Great song! “Lords of Thunder” has a dark intro before it goes into full-on kickass mode, rounding out the original portion of the album. Closing us out is a cover of BILLY IDOL’S “Rebel Yell” which I fucking love and always find myself playing at least twice. Great job on that one, fellas!  

So, with album number three ADRENALINE MOB did what they always do: kick ass and take names. And sometimes that’s really all you need from a record, right? Like I said before, this is perfect drinkin’ and grillin’ music, no need to overthink it. Just put that bitch in and hit PLAY. We the People is out now on Century Media Records and will make for some great summertime listening, so grab your copy today. Oh, and while you rock out to it DON’T forget to flip your damn burgers or they’ll burn!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Violent State of Mind”, “Blind Leading the Blind”, “Chasing Dragons”, “Til the Head Explodes”, “The Killer’s Inside”, “What You’re Made of”

RATING: 9/10

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