Liv Sin on the Making of Follow Me and More!!

The Phoenix rises from the ashes, doesn’t it? Not even two years removed from the demise of SISTER SIN, frontwoman LIV SIN is back with one mother of a metal album in Follow Me (out now, Despotz Records). When my good friend Dave over at Head First Entertainment got in touch about interviewing her I only had two questions: “When?” and “Where?” So here it is now, my interview with the one, the only, LIV SIN. Check it:

Amps: Let’s talk about this kickass new record of yours, huh? Three songs in I knew we had a winner. There’s definitely something heavy and catchy going on there.

Liv: (laughing) well, thank you! Cool, I’m glad you like it. I hope that there is something either in the guitars or in the melodies that you can kind of hook onto and remember the songs.

Amps: I think working with Fitty Wienhold and Stefan Kaufmann seems to agree with you. If the goal was to make an in-your-face metal album, then mission accomplished.

Liv: Yeah, those guys, they have a lot of experience, they have recorded so many albums and played live so much. They have done this over and over again, so they know, for example when me and Patrick (Ankermark, guitar) who writes the songs with me, sometimes you tend to overdo things, and they were able to say, “Let’s keep it a little more simple.” And that was a good choice. They could take the essence of the songs and make them better. I am so grateful for them helping us find the best way of doing things. Stefan recorded everything on the spot and he made me even more metal! He said, “We’re gonna make a real heavy metal album, and you’re gonna scream your lungs out.” And I was like, “YES!!” (laughs).

Amps: My favorites are “The Fall”, “Hypocrite”, “I’m Your Sin” and “Immortal Sin.” How about you?

Liv: “The Fall.” That’s my favorite song. I love the energy and aggression. I knew we had to open the album with that one.

Amps: I saw Fitty play with DIRKSCHNEIDER a few months ago and it was insane.

Liv: Yeah, I saw that show here in Sweden and there was so much energy, very good.

Amps: How long did the album take? Because it fels like only yesterday that SISTER SIN ended.

Liv: Actually, I was talking to my boyfriend (drummer Per Bjelovuk) and it was a year ago at this time that we didn’t have one single song. I think I started to talk to Patrick around this time, but we didn’t even know that a year later we’d have an album out. We’re pretty proud of that. It was kind of stressful, though.

Last summer we had maybe one or two songs together. And then we got a deadline suddenly. So we went in and started recording in October. It was pretty fast, but we made it. We did the guitars in Stockholm, then went down to Germany to record drums.

Amps: Tell me about your tour plans. Are you hitting the U.S. at all?

Liv: We don’t have any U.S. plans yet. I miss it there. But it is expensive to come there. I really hope we can get over to the U.S. as soon as possible. A good support slot for a bigger band would be great.

Amps: What are you listening to these days?

Liv: Well, the last month and a half I’ve been listening to the songs we’re gonna play live to rehearse them. Hmmm, what am I listening to when I’m NOT listening to myself (laughs)? Actually I’ve been listening to the new KREATOR album (Gods of Violence) a lot. I love it!

Amps: How come Germany and Sweden has pretty much all the best heavy metal in the world?

Liv: That’s a good question. My thinking is that we have a lot of good musicians here in Sweden in all genres. There are so many singers and songwriters. And it is pretty cold here year round, so we have to do something indoors, like play music. Also, since we are young we have the chance to go to music school through the community. You can take guitar or drum lessons, and it’s almost free from a very young age. It seemed like when I was a kid everyone was learning some instrument at 10 years old. Not everyone continued of course, but a lot of them did.

Amps: Being in a band with your boyfriend, do you ever wanna put a drumstick through his head? Or is it all good?

Liv: (Laughing) no, actually it could be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how much you believe in that relationship. If it’s just someone you’re dating, it’s not a good idea. But if you know that it’s someone you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with then it is a good idea. Because then you get to share everything together. This whole album process was very stressful at times, and if I didn’t have him helping me out, I don’t know what I would have done. I think also you have to be clear that when you’re onstage, or rehearsing, or in the studio that you are working buddies and band members. Then, when you get home, you have a relationship.

Amps: What would you like to say to all the LIV SIN fans out there in the world?

Liv: I am back. I am not gonna disappoint you. Everyone please give the album a listen, and I hope you all like it!

I really enjoyed speaking with Liv. She loves what she does, she is passionate about the music, and the album is great. Pick up Follow Me wherever you buy your music, and if she comes to your city/country, go see her live. because from what my fellow metal brethren have told me she puts on one helluva show!

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