Entrails – World Inferno

Just over two years since they dropped Obliteration on our heads, ENTRAILS return with World Inferno (June 16, Metal Blade Records). Since the last outing there has been a line-up change, and dare I say it’s for the better. Tommy Carlsson (vocals/bass) and Martin Michaelsson (drums) joined guitarists Jimmy Lundqvist and Pontus Samuelsson in early 2016 and the results speak for themselves. The band and the songs seem to be angrier and more full of fire this go-round, which is something I need to quell my anger when I’m dealing with certain dunderheads at my day gig. And that’s not to say the last record was bad, because it wasn’t. This one just feels more cohesive and well-put together.

Songs like “Serial Murder (Death Squad)” and “Condemned to the Grave” just might have the weak and faint of heart running for the exits as the band tears into them with gusto. The riffs are super-sharp, and Carlsson’s vocals sound very much in the vein of the Old School Swedish Death Metal of the 1990’s. THAT certainly got my attention with a quickness! “The Soul Collector” was an instant favorite because it doesn’t waste any time dicking around and basically tries to rip out your eyeballs and eat them for a snack. Then “Dead and Buried” comes in behind it with a straw looking to suck your brains out through the empty sockets. Mmmm-mmmm!!!

Opener and title track “World Inferno” kicks this slaughter fest off with a bang and sets the intensity bar so high that the rest of the record has no choice but to match. It also features an eerie, sinister intro, as does “Insane Slaughter”, which like ‘Inferno” delivers head-crushing riffs and pounding beats. “Into Eternal Fire” is a total change of pace as it chugs forward like a Sherman Tank rolling over everything in its path, as opposed to the record full of speedsters we’ve had up to this point. The foot’s back on the gas for “Suffer” however and on this one everyone goes to town.

“The Hour of the Casket” also starts out kind of slowed-down, then takes off the rest of the way and closer “The Blood Breed” is the longest track on the album at nearly six minutes. It also has one of the best riffs, one that when it hits your ears will more than likely make you want to hit something, or someone. Bottom line is this: World Inferno is one fucking banger of an Old School Death Metal record, and ENTRAILS have only gotten better with this one. So do yourselves a favor, my extreme metalheads, and go pick this disc up when it drops in two days’ time. You will definitely be glad you did!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Blood Breed”, “The Soul Collector”, “Serial Murder (Death Squad)”, “Suffer”, “Insane Slaughter”

RATING: 9/10

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