Dying Fetus’ Trey Williams On the Long-Awaited New Album, The Summer Slaughter Tour, and More!!

In six days’ time on June 23 the legendary DYING FETUS will unleash their brand new studio album and first in five years, Wrong One to Fuck With, on Relapse Records. Yesterday I had the chance to get on the phone with drummer Trey Williams to talk about it. Not only that, but hot on the heels of the announcement they would be co-headlining this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour I was able to get a read on just how ready the band is to get back out there and melt faces. Check it:

Amps: Let’s talk about this new album, Jeeeeezus!!

Trey: Yeah, hopefully it’s intense for everybody. I mean, we named it pretty intensely, so hopefully everyone’s gonna dig it.

Amps: From start to finish how long did the record take?

Trey: 15 months. It was a lot of work, but it’s cool to see it come out for everybody else to hear. We’ve heard it a bunch, so now it’s their turn.

Amps: Oh, as soon as I saw the title I was like, “Ohhhhh, yes! This is gonna be a good one!” You shot the live video for “Fixated On Devastation” at Voltage Lounge, one of my favorite Philly spots, too.

Trey: That was a great, great show! We had to make up a show we were too sick to play before so we wanted to give Philly a chance to have the show and video shoot all to themselves. And they brought it good!

Amps: One of our team members Kelly went and she took some killer photos and did a great write-up on it. She had a blast!

Trey: Oh yeah, it was a great time.

Amps: After five years how does it feel to have this hunk of metal ready to hit the masses in a week?

Trey: It’s cool because we ourselves wanna play new material, so it’s good to have a bunch of new songs to play live. You gotta hear your band’s music more often so it was enough time`and we’re glad it’s finally done. And we can’t wait to get out there and promote it. We’re just eager to get on the road. We had a good band practice yesterday and we’re coming up with a cool setlist. We’re gonna start bangin’ it out so we can rock it out and do well for everybody.

Amps: Do you have any favorite tracks, or no? For me it’s definitely the one-two punch of “Seething With Disdain” and “Ideological Subjugation.”

Trey: Cool man, right on. I like “Die With Integrity”, it’s a dynamic song and it’s got a lot of changes, so that’s fun to play for me. “Fixated on Devastation” too because it’s pretty direct in how it goes. Those are two that I personally really enjoy.

Amps: The announcement came down last week that you are co-headlining Summer Slaughter this year. Consider my head exploded.

Trey: Yep, we’re gonna do that again. We are thrilled to be back on Summer Slaughter this year and excited to get out there with our friends from the other bands we know and shred it up.

Amps: You’re opening the tour right in my neck of the woods at Reverb in Reading, PA. I can’t fucking wait, dude!

Trey: Nice! Cool, well we’ll look forward to seein’ ya! I hear good things about that place, too. We’re always super-stoked to get out and play new music for the fans.

Amps: Away from the band what do you like to do that’s non-music related?

Trey: I like playing paintball in my spare time. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.

Amps: I used to work in a liquor store in Jersey, and the owner would get all drunk the fuck up on Friday nights, hide in the beer warehouse, and while you’re loading up cases all of a sudden paintballs go whizzing by you! He’d set up his shooter’s perch in the 30-packs!

Trey: (Laughs) dang, keepin’ you on your toes! It doesn’t tickle when they hit, either.

Amps: What are you listening to if you’re hanging out at home or in the car?

Trey: I’ve been really listening to a lot of talk radio and the news. Not really listening to a lot of music. I know that sounds really lame (laughs). But when I am listening to music I find myself putting on BRUTAL TRUTH a lot. I think they’re great.

Amps: How much new stuff do you think you’ll do on tour?

Trey: Yeah, the album will be out for about a month before we hit the road so we’ll definitely play some new songs. We’re still figuring out how many we’re gonna do. Of course we can’t forget the tracks from our older releases that we know will go over well.

Amps: What happens after Summer Slaughter as far as shows?

Trey: We have a headliner in Europe lined up for the fall. We’re gonna be working on doing a North American headliner as well. We’d love to get back to Canada and some South American dates in there. Hopefully we can get some Southeast Asia stuff, too.

Amps: What drums are you playing and what’s your current setup?

Trey: I play pearl drums. I’m actually waiting on a new kit that’s coming in. I’ll be laying a Pearl Masters Complete on this tour. I use Sabian cymbals, Axis pedals, dB drum shoes, and Vic Firth sticks. And whatever water bottle gets placed next to me is what I’ll drink, which is probably dangerous since I don’t know where it came from (laughs).

Amps: You’ve been around a long time. Is there one particular, night, city, country, or venue that stands out above everything else?

Trey: Yeah, there was one night in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It felt like we were in that IRON MAIDEN Flight 666 video where the full crowd was singing along. There was this one part in “Homicidal Retribution” where they were louder than the P.A. I was just like, “What the heck is that sound? Oh, shit they’re singing along!” And I’d never heard that from such a large crowd before, so that was frickin’ rad.

Amps: What would you like to say to all the DYING FETUS fans out there?

Trey: I’d like to thank them for their support. Because if they weren’t interested in the band as much as they are, we wouldn’t be able to do this. There’s two pieces to this puzzle and the fans’ interest is the big piece.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Trey. As previously stated, Wrong One to Fuck With comes out June 23, so you know what to do. And be sure to get out and rage for The Summer Slaughter Tour this year. You can find dates and buy tickets HERE, so let’s go!!


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