Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment

Alright boys and girls, thrash giant MUNICIPAL WASTE is finally about to put out a new album titled Slime and Punishment, their first record in five years, which makes sense because of all the work being put into IRON REAGAN. This release is doing very well for me so far, it is a wonderful improvement from their previous album, The Fatal Feast. This is a good comeback for MUNICIPAL WASTE, because so far I have enjoyed it much more than the previous effort.

The opening track “Breathe Grease” is ruthless and fast right from the get go. They deliver their signature sound perfectly in this intro. I’ve always loved the openings in their albums and this is no different. The next song “Enjoy the Night” is a real catchy one, the chorus is pretty influential, you will be singing along in no time! Aggressive and catchy, what more need I say? “Shrednecks” is a funny and good sounding tune. They just sing about being shredding rednecks over a fast riff. It gets real groovy around halfway in and slows down, making it a real headbanger!

“Poison the Preacher” is a cool track. It is one of the slower songs here, but it is well-written, and one that will get stuck in your head. The riff slows around one minute and man it sounds awesome. This is easily one of my favorites on the album. The following song, “Bourbon Discipline,” is a really eerie-sounding piece. Opening with a dark riff and a screeching lead, this is already cool. It speeds up and gets more aggressive in the middle, and it’s just a memorable one.

The title track has a dark sounding intro, and then continues to get more groovy throughout. The lead around the two-minute mark is well placed and really makes the song whole. The next number “Amateur Sketch” starts off with the presence backed way off and fades in quickly. The guitars and vocals are aggressive, the bass is really present in this song and it makes it a thousand times better. “Low Tolerance” starts fast and cuts off for a mini bass solo and it really gets you ready for the heavy song to come.

“Under the Waste Command” is one of the grooviest songs on the whole release, and another one of my favorites. It’s an instrumental but man it is very well-written. The outro track “Think Fast,” features another bass solo in the beginning, acting as an opening for a slow catchy song. The title is fitting because of how the pace feels; it’s a good song and a great outro.

Overall Slime and Punishment is a great improvement over The Fatal Feast. It’s groovy as hell throughout the album, it’s aggressive, and has the great MUNICIPAL WASTE  signature sound. The guys really did a wonderful job with this release and I’m excited to hear a couple of these tracks live soon. Do all of yourselves a favor, and pick it up through Nuclear Blast Records on June 23!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Poison the Preacher”, “Under the Waste Command”

RATING: 7/10


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