Origin – Unparalleled Universe

This Just In: ORIGIN is back ladies and gentleman. New disc Unparalleled Universe is out as we speak from Nuclear Blast Records, and it is one vicious slab of death metal guaranteed to get motors running and blades sharpened. One of the things I have always loved about these guys is the way they find that perfect mix of technicality and brutality, with the songs never leaning too far in one direction or the other. And true, the last album Omnipresent got a little trippy in places, but it was still very, very good. However, this new one leaves it squarely in the rearview. The group really goes for the jugular on each and every track, starting with the opener “Infinitesimal to the Infinite.” Brimming with crazy guitar licks and Jason Keyser’s commanding voice, this was the way to get this party started.

“Accident and Error” is chock full o’ slams and drummer John Longstreth blasts his way through a brick wall while working in tandem with bassist Mike Flores. And Paul Ryan’s intricate guitar patterns throughout should galvanize many a player to plug in and PRACTICE in a futile attempt to be as good! The guitar histrionics continue with “Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns” while “Mithridatic” is Keyser’s vehicle from beginning to end. “Truthslayer” is two minutes of face-pummeling, while “Invariance Under Transformation” is slower with riffs as choppy as the waters from The Perfect Storm. Another ripper is “Dajjal,” which was an instant favorite. A&GS staffer Kelly Sharadin recently remarked to me, “Even for ORIGIN this is some riff violence!” and she’s 100% correct. No punches pulled!

The riffage on “Burden of Prescience” is almost sidewinder serpent-like, if that makes any sense. If it doesn’t, too bad. It’s my site, not yours. The track is the very definition of controlled chaos because there are 50,000,000 things swirling about but they all fit together. Then midway through the whole thing comes to a screeching halt, before grinding away for a minute and then going back to the aural insanity. A nearly ten-minute epic greets us next with “Unequivocal”. The key to songs like this is to make it seem like it’s not really that long, or bog the listener down with monotonous, repetitive nonsense. Worriest thou not, the band avoids such pitfalls and you will be entertained for sure.

Closing things out is a cover of “Revolución” by BRUJERIA that is every bit as vicious and heavy as the original. Kinda makes me hope that the stars align and they share the stage together soon so they can do a big two-band jam of the track. Tell me that wouldn’t be fucking fierce? All in all Unparalleled Universe shows ORIGIN at their finest. Heavy as Hell riffs coupled with a technical prowess not many of their peers can touch make for one of the best records in this band’s already stacked body of work. Be sure to catch them on The Summer Slaughter Tour, starting soon. And not to sound like a broken record, but they should be much higher on that bill, especially after dropping this disc on our heads!


RATING: 9.5/10

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