Classic Albums: Warrior Soul – the Space Age Playboys

In January of 1995 my good buddy Steve gave me a cassette tape, and on that tape was WARRIOR SOUL’S fifth album The Space Age Playboys. Now, this was OUR band. We’d been there since the “We Cry Out” video in 1990, and we’d also purchased everything we could up to this point, so when I got that thing in my hands I couldn’t shove it into my car’s tape deck fast enough. And the sounds that greeted me were not of this earth. Lead singer and resident maniac Kory Clarke had written some of the most inspired lyrics of his career, and along with longtime bassist Pete McClanahan, guitarist X-Factor, and drummer Scott Duboys, the band was on a completely different level….punk rock and pissed off like never before!

This attitude had manifested itself on previous records, most notably in tracks like “Ass Kickin”, “Charlie’s Out of Prison”, and “Punk and Belligerent”, but never with this amount of piss and vinegar we were witnessing this time around. Even my girlfriend Maritza who normally didn’t listen to this kind of heavy stuff couldn’t help but bang her head and sing along to these tracks. We actually went and saw the band live twice on this tour, and they will forever be etched into me as two of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. And the company was great, right Maritza? Plus, she was instrumental in me not only meeting, but doing a shot with, and bonding with Kory Clarke that second night (I stole the shot glass, and yep I still have it!).

As far as the tunes go, the one-two of “Rocket Engines” into “The Drug” is enough to get anyone’s heart pumping triple-time, while “Let’s Get Wasted” and “No No No” are fueled by adrenaline and a big fat middle finger, probably towards Geffen Records, those fucks. “Television” manages to take that punk sound and put a polished sheen on it while still retaining the sneer. And then “The Pretty Faces” just goes from 0-60 in no time flat. This is STILL one of those songs I can’t drive to ‘cause I’ll bury the fuckin’ needle!! That wasn’t exactly cool when I was driving Maritza’s stick shift car (yep, she taught me how to drive a stick!), but it couldn’t be helped.

“The Image” has one of my favorite lines when it goes, “I think it’s time to let him go, so we can turn into a porno”, and it’s pretty kickass. “Rotten Soul” is fast as hell and has also long been one of my favorites on this album because it has always made me feel like I could take on the fucking world and win. “I Wanna Get Some” is one of THOSE songs, the ones you hear and have to hit REPEAT over and over again. You know what I mean, right? I can still remember Maritza and me at both Raw in Queens, NY (with my other buddy Steve!) and Birch Hill in NJ up front and raising our fists going, “I wanna get some, I wanna get some!” loud as we could get. Fuck, this was a great time!

“Look At You” is one of those kick-your-ass songs, while “Star Ride” is one of the more tasty-riff tracks. And then “Generation Graveyard” comes along and drops bombs on your head, figuratively and lyrically. Closer “Fightin’ the War” has long been one of my favorites from the group and it is a clinic on how to end a landmark album. At the end of the day The Space Age Playboys means so much to me because of my friends (Steve and Steve), being a 21-year old college student, and my girlfriend at the time, Maritza. We all lived these songs, and they meant so much to us. Hell, they STILL do to me. So for those memories alone, never mind the amazing songs, this will always be a Classic Album.    ~dc

2 comments to “Classic Albums: Warrior Soul – the Space Age Playboys”
2 comments to “Classic Albums: Warrior Soul – the Space Age Playboys”
  1. great to see someone else who really got Warrior Soul and especially this album made me smile the whole way through, whenever I mention Warrior Soul to people I usually get a who? or maybe the odd person who remembers The Losers or the Wasteland, this album is a cult classic which should have been massive, though in some ways I love introducing it to people and seeing their reaction,, I really wish they’d been able to make a follow up with X-Factor, shame it wasn’t meant to be, but at least we have this flawless album to put on every time we need an adrenaline shot right to the heart and brain! no album pumps me up like this one, not even close, I’ve searched high and low for a similar album and none compare in the least, the closest thing is Space Age Playboys:New Rock Underground, which is fantastic but it was still more or less in demo form so we never got to experience it in its true glory

    • Brian, THANK YOU for these kind words! Yeah, I love this album so much and it still never fails to make me want to run through a brick wall!

      Easily one of the most underrated albums AND bands ever!! I also did one on Salutations From the Ghetto Nation. Hope you read that one and dig it as well!

      Thank you again,
      Damian (The Editor)

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