Projected – Ignite My Insanity

CREED changed my life. Well, more specifically, SEVENDUST changed my life. But I likely wouldn’t have seen SEVENDUST 43 times if it wasn’t for my future favorite band opening for CREED in 1999. A short drive from my home near Detroit and I was about to see the band that would shape my musical landscape forever. SEVENDUST had arrived in Toledo, and they were launching themselves off trampolines and blowing my mind in the process. And CREED was pretty great too…

This leads me to the band called PROJECTED, a passion project between friends with very busy schedules. The quartet consists of John Connolly (SEVENDUST, lead vocals, guitar); Eric “E-Rock” Friedman (TREMONTI, vocals and guitar), Scott “Flip” Phillips (ALTER BRIDGE, drums) and Vince Hornsby (SEVENDUST, vocals and bass). To say these guys are pros is an understatement. And to say they’ve been nominated for and won Grammy awards is a fact.

PROJECTED has served up a massive double album entitled Ignite My Insanity, (July 21, Rat Pak Records). There are 21 tracks total, which is amazing considering these guys have day jobs. Connolly and friends manage to do the impossible here. Ignite My Insanity doesn’t sound like any other band these guys currently play in. This group is its own animal and that animal sounds very hungry.

“Ignite” is possibly the best song of the bunch. Driving percussion from Flip and frenzied dual guitars help propel the soaring vocals into the stratosphere. This is a massive tune. It’s heavy, yet it has a pop sensibility due to that amazingly catchy chorus. This song alone encapsulates the evolution of this band. Connolly’s transformation as a frontman is on full display here. He’s not just a guitar player trying to sing. He’s out there front and center and it sounds so right.

“Faith” may be the single greatest overall performance of John Connolly’s career. The album’s defining ballad hits on all cylinders and checks every box that a great song should check. It’s a perfect number that hasn’t left my head since the first listen. Lyrically and musically I can’t think of a more perfect track for these guys to record. “Faith” is worth the price of admission all by itself.

“Call Me the Devil” has a chugging rhythm that Phillips and Hornsby lock into and it’s fantastic. The slow tempo of this tune helps frame a personal favorite on this album. Everyone sounds great and you can really hear their progression as a band. “Battlestations” is a banger from top to bottom. It hits hard and fast. A literal assault to the senses and never lets up. Tracks like “Hate You Back”, “Gomorrah”, “10 Years Gone” and “Inside the Sun” help flesh out a really impressive sophomore effort from PROJECTED.

If you’re a fan of SEVENDUST, CREED, ALTER BRIDGE, or just good rock music then this album is a must have. These musicians are legendary and the band they created out of friendship is really turning into something special. Go grab Ignite My Insanity today!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Call Me The Devil”, “Battle Stations”, “Ignite”, “Faith”

RATING: 9/10


2 comments to “Projected – Ignite My Insanity”
2 comments to “Projected – Ignite My Insanity”
  1. I was at that show!! And yes, SEVENDUST definitely blew the doors off that joint! They are the absolute best live act I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen MANY). I see them every time they come around, because I know it’s gonna be pure badassery!

    • Hi Monica!

      Yeah, we are BIG SEVENDUST fans here, and now I’m a BIG PROJECTED fan, too. The album comes out Friday, and I strongly suggest you give it a spin, you’ll love it!!

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