Adrenaline Mob Brings Their We The People Tour To Dallas (R.IP. Dave Z.) – Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill 7/11/17

You might think that you are actually reading a review, but you would not be correct. I was officially OBLITERATED at the Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill on July 11, 2017. On that day of infamy, ADRENALINE MOB completely annihilated every single person in the audience, resulting in small piles of ash everywhere. My first time seeing them, the guys from the east coast attacked the Monkey stage and took no prisoners.  

Although the crowd was not huge, with it being a Tuesday evening, the passion was clearly there. Local bands ROCKAHOLICS, NYTRATE, and OTHER ODDITIES warmed up the already 95 degree stage and the fans in anticipation. A-MOB brought killer band THE WILD with them. With as many bands as were in the queue, THE WILD mistakenly had only a short set.

While they were killing it on stage, their mics were cut off about 20 minutes in. Shockingly the guys left the stage but later Russell Allen came out and explained that there was some misunderstanding and publically apologized to the crowd for the mix up and that they should have played a longer set.

A-MOB astounded the crowd with killer numbers such as “Mob is Back”, title track from the new album “We the People”, “Let It Go”, and “Undaunted”. Allen shared his heartfelt experiences with his autistic child. You could tell it touched his heart to share these with the crowd and they lead into “All on the Line”. The band threw in classic covers which obviously were close to their hearts with BILLY IDOL’s “Rebel Yell”, CHARLIE DANIELS BAND’S, “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and BLACK SABBATH’S “The Mob Rules”.

I want to pause here and express heartfelt condolences and concerns from everyone at Amps and Green Screens concerning the tragic accident in Florida that occurred on Friday July 14. Enroute to their next gig, the band stopped to change a tire on a Florida highway, and were struck by a semi, tragically killing bass player David Zablidowsky (Dave Z.), critically and seriously injuring members of the band and road crew.

The Florida Police released a statement saying Jason McCole, the band’s RV driver was seriously injured, Janet Rains, tour manager was critically injured, singer Russell Allen, Jordan Cannata, drummer and guitarist Mike Orlando were seriously injured. Dale Campiglia and Robert Dressler with the band were also injured, Dale seriously.

Orlando’s girlfriend stated she thought Orlando, Allen, Cannata and Dressler were just banged up, but would be OK. Please send positive thoughts and prayers their way. Along with being in A-MOB, Dave Z. spent many years with the Florida based TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. In 2007 he co-produced with his brother Paulie and drummer Joey Cassata, the album Ain’t it Beautiful, under the band name ZO2.  Dave Z. also played with East coast based JEFF SCOTT SOTO band. As of this writing, all of these bands or members thereof have publicly posted their heartfelt loss and a short tribute to Dave Z. and expressed their concerns for the band.

Rock and roll is more than being popular and giving out autographs. Although I am not in a band (yet), but do play guitar as a hobby, and one thing I have learned being around so many cool bands and band members, is that music is spiritual. It is so much bigger than people imagine and it’s probably not what most people think it is.

To me, the people who are in it love it for what it is. Yes, there are some who have let fame go to their heads and some who make millions, but the majority of the people I’ve met in rock n’ roll are people who love expressing themselves in music, love being on the road, and love performing for others.

They will play for four or four thousand. I think most could care less if they make any money (or at least break even). Most all of them have day jobs like working in bars, guitar stores, drive trucks, etc. Much of society looks down on musicians with their long hair and tattoos.

But they are very special people and only special people can do what they do. Who wants to have stage fright before they perform?  Who wants to eat crappy food day after day or be crammed in a van for thousands of miles with the same people? Who wants to bathe with disposable washcloths and be gone from home for months on end? I know a group who would not have it any other way and when they stop, they give 110% to the people who came to see them.

Although I’ve never been in a band, I have noticed a few things. A quote attributed to Winston Churchill states:” If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life”. I think that is so true for so many musicians. I think Steve “Lips” Kudlow lead singer/guitarist for ANVIL said it the best and I’m paraphrasing: “When I go on tour, I’m on vacation”. I feel very privileged to have been able to meet so many awesome people. My prayers go out to Dave Z., his family, friends and bandmates.




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