Accept – The Rise of Chaos

ACCEPT is back, ladies and gentlemen! Three long years after 2014’s Blind Rage the Teutonic Terrors return with The Rise of Chaos (August 4, Nuclear Blast Records). Oh yeah, we DID get an amazing live album from the boys to start 2017, but there’s nothing like knowing a new ACCEPT studio record is on the horizon. Especially with the fantastic job Mark Tornillo (vocals) has been doing. This is his fourth album with the band and once again he sounds fantastic. The guitars of Wolf Hoffmann and Uwe Lulis burn brightly on the tracks, and the steady-as-a-rock Peter Baltes holds down the low end alongside drummer Christopher Williams. And as an added bonus Andy Sneap is in the producer’s chair once again!

Now, let’s get to the tunes, shall we? OK. Starting things off is fast-paced ripper “Die By the Sword.” This song and the title track “The Rise of Chaos” definitely represent two of this record’s high points. The hooks are great on both, plus there’s that old school metal feel that can only come from ACCEPT. “Koolaid” was a favorite right away, and not just because the guitar work is seriously awesome. It’s talking about Jonestown in the late 70’s and how a group of people were taken with a charismatic leader who ultimately led them all to death. This kind of thing has always fascinated me, so I was all in on this one for sure.

“No Regrets” is one of the heavier tracks on the disc, and the band sounds like they’re having fun just letting it rip, you know? Lyrically “Analog Man” hits the mark for this smart phone obsessed time we’re living in and makes quite a statement, one I have to agree with, even though I’d be lost without my phone. Plus, I love the hook. “What’s Done Is Done” very much has the feel of something this band would have released back in the day, especially on the chorus, and that’s just fine with me. Hoffmann and Lulis riff their asses off on next number “Worlds Colliding” and it represents another bright spot on a disc chock full of them. Tornillo really wails towards the end, too.

“Carry the Weight” and “Race to Extinction” make up a great double-shot to finish off the record with the band rocking their asses AND your faces off. All told, this is a great ACCEPT album. And really, the only track I wasn’t hot on was “Hole In the Head.” But hey, that’s minor when you think about it. Now, all I ask is for the promoters and booking agents in this great country of ours to do the right thing and get ACCEPT the fuck over here again so I can finally see them live!! In the meantime, pick up The Rise of Chaos August 4 wherever you buy your music, plug it in and crank the ever-lovin’ shit out of it, yeah?

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Koolaid”, “Analog Man”, “What’s Done Is Done”, “Worlds Colliding”, “The Rise of Chaos”

RATING: 9/10

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