RavenEye Brings Nova To The Prophet Bar!! – Dallas, TX 7/25/17

RAVENEYE?! At The Prophet Bar? Seriously? I’m so in!”

The last time I saw these guys, they were opening for THE DARKNESS House of Blues Dallas. They totally blew me away then. Their energy and stage presence totally fit a big venue like HOB. The Prophet Bar, however, is quite a contrast. Intimate, to say the least. But it seemed to fit these guys also. The British power trio is a great example of how to work a crowd. These gentlemen can adapt to any size venue. To be able to hold your own on a big stage with THE DARKNESS is quite impressive, and to feel equally at home in a tight club like The Prophet Bar, just shows how cool they are. Not to mention they had released a new album, NOVA, since I had last seen them! So I definitely wasn’t going to miss this one.

The evening started out with the local band SAFETY MEETING, from Plano. I’d love to catch these guys again when, hopefully, they’ll have a longer set. Their bluesy, southern rock vibe really piqued my interest, especially with the groovy keyboard work and tasty harmonies they were layin’ down. Complemented by the excellent guitar tones, smooth playing, both from the guitarists and bass player, and solid backing from the drums. Unfortunately, it seemed that their set was over before I had a chance to get my fill, so I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for them to be playing again.

After a quick switch of equipment the fellows from across the pond took the stage. Immediately, they seized control of the room and our collective attention.

In typical RAVENEYE fashion, they came out of the gate swinging. The power trio filled up the room with their energy and heavy hitting grooves. The crowd ate it up. As you might expect, the sound was, of course, turned up to 11.

Unfortunately, the show was on a Tuesday night, and unable to draw the size crowd these guys deserve. Regardless, everyone in the venue was slammed right up to the stage; fists thrust high into the air.

Between the guys’ enthusiasm, great personalities, and witty banter, they had everyone amped up. As I eluded to before, they are masters of crowd interaction. Somehow, with their energy and stage presence, they seem larger than life.

The perfect snapshot of a hard rockin’ rock n’ roll band. And yet, at the same time, totally down to earth. As if they could easily be a really great local band. Albeit with British accents. As expected, every inch of the stage was covered by the enthusiastic performers. Both Oli Brown, (lead guitars/vocals), and Aaron Spiers (bass), leapt from Adam Breeze’s drum kit repeatedly throughout the night; just about hitting their heads (Both their literal heads, as well as their instrument’s heads.) on the low ceiling.

At times, when not constrained to the drum kit, they moved about the crowd, interacting with the passionate fans while laying down massive grooves.

At one point, Brown jumped up onto Spiers’ shoulders, as they made their way through the mass. Breeze wasn’t about to let them have all the fun, however, and was at times standing on top of his own kit, encouraging more noise from the crowd. The way they moved about the stage was really quite effective in getting the already energetic fans hyped up even more. Their antics, in combination with the incredibly hard rocking music made for an incredible show. Especially in such a small venue.

Although the lighting in The Prophet Bar was… challenging, to say the least, It was still a killer show for us photographers too. The guys in RAVENEYE are always quick to play it up for the cameras. Which, as a photog’, you can’t ask for better!

I was really glad to hear them do a lot of their new songs off their latest album NOVA. Especially one of my favorites, “Wanna Feel You,” which they played as their penultimate song. After they finished, they told the fans how they really didn’t want to follow the age old tradition of stumbling off stage, waiting while the fans went nuts and then coming back moments later for their encore, and that they preferred to just stay and launch right into it!

I wondered aloud “What on earth are they going to be able to play to follow that!?!” “Oh My Love” is what they hit us with. Talk about a one-two punch to finish us off.

After Breeze effectively destroyed his drum kit, no doubt to signal that “Yep. We’re done.” they went to the back of the room and hung out at their merch booth, signing autographs, taking photos, talking with fans and generally cultivating their fan base. I got the chance to talk with them for a bit, and as I’ve said before, these guys are super cool. I mentioned seeing them open for THE DARKNESS, and that size venue seemed to fit their stage presence so well. Their reply was that they love these small intimate venues too. Again, displaying their humble, down to earth nature. 

Super cool guys. Excellent musicians. Great performers. You really should check them out the next time they come by. And definitely pick up a copy of NOVA. It’s great!!


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