SiliuS – Hell Awakening

Sometimes the best bands you never knew you’d like are right around the corner. Recently I was contacted by a member of the thrash band SILIUS about their upcoming debut CD and whether or not I’d like to give it a spin. This is the stuff I love, and THIS is one of my favorite things about being Captain of the U.S.S. Amps and Green Screens. Anytime someone fills out our contact form and wants us to check out their music, that which they have put their heart and soul into, I always smile big. That’s what art is about, man. Expressing yourself and laying it all out there for the world to hear. It takes cajones to do that, so I always make it a point to listen to those bands, because they deserve to be heard.

Which brings me to SILIUS’ album Hell Awakening, out September 1 via Massacre Records. These guys are serious about their Thrash Metal and that shines through on all the songs. Right from the opener/instant favorite “Seven Demons” you can tell some serious shit’s gonna go down. The riffage on “Immortalize” is rapid-fire and ready to kill, while “War Planet” has a groove metal feel mixed with its thrash tendencies. “Invictus” has a fist-in-the-air quality that is guaranteed to get crowds going bonkers from the first chord to the last, and the aptly titled “Anger Management” is all anger, no management. Those classes are bullshit, anyways!

There’s something dark and moody going on at the start of “Kingdom of Betrayal” that I was immediately drawn to, and as the song progresses it’s a series of hills and valleys. Plus there are some beautifully fluid guitar solos happening here. This just might be the most ambitious track on the disc, so kudos to the guys for doing this one. I liked it…a LOT. From here we step into the face-punching fury of “Sick and Tired” which will give anybody a pair of Irish Sunglasses while also being very catchy on the hooks. “Message In a Molotov”…how fucking cool is that title, right? I don’t think I need to say anything else except that this track fucking destroys!!

“Tool of Destruction” slows things down but it’s very ominous in its arrangement, so watch out for that. Once again the riffs lead the charge on “Joy and Pain” while the vicious vocals sound the war cry and the rhythm section fires cannonball after cannonball. “Evol Monument” closes the record, and it’s a fitting track to do so. Starting slow and sinister, then turning into a sonic fuckfest, this is a great way to cap off a very energetic debut album from a young band that is obviously hungry and will obviously go places. I really think that SILIUS has a great sound, and with Hell Awakening they have thrown their hat into the ring and proven they can hold their own in the fighting pits with the best Thrash Metal Gladiators.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Kingdom of Betrayal”, “Seven Demons”, “Anger Management”, “Message In a Molotov”, “Joy of Pain”, “Sick and Tired”

RATING: 9/10   

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