Otherwise – Sleeping Lions

Hailing from Las Vegas, OTHERWISE broke into the scene in 2006 and have been building their brand of radio friendly alt-rock ever since. Known for their catchy riffs and heartfelt lyrics, Otherwise had stayed busy with a near constant cycle of touring and recording. They are a fantastic live act and have some truly great material under their belt. Buying an OTHERWISE album has never been a roll of the dice, and their newest release is one of their strongest yet.

Their newest studio record entitled Sleeping Lions (out now, Century Media Records) is a damn fine effort from a band that rarely disappoints. The current lineup consists of Adrian Patrick (vocals), Ryan Patrick (guitar), Tony “The Beast” Carboney (bass) and percussionist Brian Medeiros. This band always hit a nice balance of heavy and melodic songs and Sleeping Lions features the band at the top of their game.

Kicking things off is the utterly fantastic “Angry Heart”. The fellas hit hard with this one and in my opinion it’s one the best songs they’ve ever done. Dark and angry guitar tone and heavy riffage meld well with toe tapping percussion. Adrian sounds great as always, and the lyrics are as strong as ever. We’re even treated to one of many guitar solos on the album and they sound fantastic. “Angry Heart” is worth the price of admission all by itself.

“Sleeping Lions” comes in second and swings for the fences. It’s impossible to not bob your head to the groovy beat. The bass track is thick and it mixes perfectly with fantastic guitar work from Ryan. He gives us yet another blistering solo and this song becomes an instant classic. Everything in it just works. OTHERWISE is truly hitting on all cylinders and it’s a joy to put this track on repeat.

“Weapons” is yet another killer number. A soaring chorus and meaty lyrics allow Adrian Patrick to swing for those same fences, albeit vocally. The band hits a nice balance of restrained aggression and refined song structure that the group has all but mastered at this point in their careers. This is an incredibly polished track that would be at home on any modern rock radio station.

Other good tunes include “Suffer”, “Crocodile Tears”, and “Close to the Gods”. The quality of this effort is high from front to back and it’s nice to hear these guys doing what they do best. If it sounds like I’m impressed with the album then I guess you could say that I am. OTHERWISE is one of those bands that you don’t have to worry too much about. Buy it, put it on and enjoy it. Grab your copy of Sleeping Lions today!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Angry Heart”, “Sleeping Lions”, “Weapons”, “Suffer”

RATING: 8/10


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