Lynch Mob – The Brotherhood

LYNCH MOB is back, ladies and gentlemen. Two years removed from their last album Rebel, the band returns with The Brotherhood (out now, Rat Pak Records), a disc full of killer riffs, searing solos, and great vocals. And while I enjoyed the last one, I think it’s safe to say this new disc blows it out of the water. The Usual Suspects return in the form of Oni Logan on vocals, George Lynch (duh! Do I even have to???), Sean McNabb laying down the groovy bass, and Jimmy D’Anda pounding the skins. This unit works very well together, and their comfort level with one another translates easily to tape. So let’s look at the songs, yeah?

“Main Offender” opens the record with a mean, dirty riff that clearly means business, and when the band kicks in that point is only driven home further. Oni Logan sounds like a man 20 years younger, and the groove of the thing is just fucking great. “Mr. Jekyll and Hyde” is up next and it’s in the perfect spot. Picture yourself buying a tape from a band back in 1989 or so and listening to this in your Walkman. The one-two of these tracks is awesome listening. “I’ll Take Miami” is definitely an oddball track, but that’s only lyrically, not musically. It’s a rocker for sure, and I found myself humming the chorus all day long.

“Last Call Lady” was one of my favorites from jump. The melody and hook are damn near irresistible. I’m a sucker for big harmonies like this one has, so yeah, I love it. “The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl” sounds like a song that pirates would sing over a campfire after making port, and it is very, very good. Logan is in top form vocally, and the whole vibe of the song just draws you in. During “Until the Sky Comes Down” we are treated to one of Lynch’s best solos, but should that surprise anyone? The man could do these one-handed fer fuck’s sake!

The swagger and sway of “Black Heart Days” had my full attention from the opening notes. Plus, the chorus is good and catchy. Another great track is “Miles Away.” The clean and rich tone from Lynch, coupled with Logan’s singing make this one of the album’s strongest songs, and one I find myself coming back to often. The same can be said for closer “Until I Get My Gold.” This one is equal parts bluesy and ballsy, and it’s just a great song from start to finish. You’ve even got some killer harmonica going on which only enhances the feel of the song.

Once again, LYNCH MOB delivers. And while there may have been one or two that really didn’t thrill me (“Black Mountain’, “Dog Town Mystics”), there is no denying that this band is still able to hit it hard and make you feel something when they put out a record. And that, to me, speaks volumes. Pick up your copy of The Brotherhood now, wherever it is you buy your music. And please, make sure you buy it. Don’t fuck around and pirate the album, OK? If you love your bands, then do what it takes to support them. Buy a CD, buy a T-Shirt, and spread the word. This will only help all the bands we love!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Last Call Lady”, “Miles Away”, “Until I Get My Gold”, “Main Offender”, “The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl”, “Until the Sky Comes Down”, “Black Heart Days”

RATING: 9/10

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