Iris Divine – The Static And The Noise

IRIS DIVINE is one of those bands where I kept hearing the name and told myself I’d get to check them out eventually, right? So, when I finally pulled my head from my ass I sat down with their brand new album The Static and the Noise (self-released, October 6) and I was all in from the first chord. This is an excellent Progressive Metal band that also knows how to write killer hooks. There’s no wankery here, even though each member’s talents are on full display. But never once do they overindulge, instead letting the game come to them, which is so important in achieving that balance.

Right out of the gate “Catalyst” sets a tone for how this is gonna go down. Navid Rashid (vocals/guitar), Brian Dobbs (bass), and Kris Combs (drums/keys/programming) are the epitome of a band locked in and ready to wow everyone. “Taking Back the Fall” is dark and gritty, the kind of track that lets you know this band ain’t fucking around, so sit up and pay attention. “Effigies” is interesting for me because I didn’t know where it was headed at first, then it digs in and winds up being one of the album’s best. My runaway favorite though, has to be “Fractures.” This trio absolutely owns the song, and Navid’s voice simply rings with conviction.

Title track “The Static and the Noise” is one of those tunes that makes you go, “Holy shit, there are only three guys in this band?” Yep, that’s true. These guys can seriously play, and put together some excellent songs, this being one of them. “Like Glass” is just…oh, man I can’t even describe it and do it justice. If I had to define it, I’d say it was a progressive, funky tune that will make many people go, “Whoa….who is this band?” “The Acolyte” is thick as fuck, with a heavy bass tone from Dobbs, as well as a nasty Rashid guitar solo.

Closing this disc is “We All Dissolve”, a song that spoke to me on many different levels. From the build-up to the payoff, this is a great track and one that should be required listening. At the end of the day IRIS DIVINE have put forth greatness with The Static and the Noise, and there is no doubt in my mind that they will be at the forefront of Progressive Metal bands sooner rather than later.


RATING: 9.5/10

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