ACCEPT And Metalfier Bring the Chaos To NYC!! – Irving Plaza 9/26/17

The journey hasn’t always been easy for the German heavy metal outfit ACCEPT. Since 1968, under their previous name BAND X, the group went through lineup changes and experienced quite a few hiatuses. However, they are back in action since 2009 with guitarist Wolf Hoffmann and bassist Peter Baltes as the driving force, who have been with the group since 1976.

The Germans have been spending a decent amount of time touring across the globe in support of their latest effort, The Rise of Chaos, which was released in August via Nuclear Blast Records. These pioneers traveled to Japan and Australia just before headlining New York City’s Irving Plaza on September 26th, and we were there.  

The evening kicked off with one of New York’s familiar acts, METALFIER. It was obvious that these guys were honored to open for their metal icons as they performed cover hits including JUDAS PRIEST’S “Breaking the Law.” The house was already packed and it gave everyone time to booze and loosen up.

ACCEPT managed to perform an extended setlist consisting of over twenty songs ranging from their classic hits up to tracks from their new album. Fresh tunes included “Die by the Sword” and “The Rise of Chaos,” “Koolaid,” “No Regrets,” and “Analog Man.” Between the crowd, stage lights, chemistry, powerful vocals, and strong guitar solos, it was an overall successful evening.

Their performance surpassed everyone’s expectations that it didn’t matter if you recognized classics such as “Living for Tonite” or a newer song including 2014’s “Final Journey.” The audience remained engaged throughout the entire evening.

However, there was one song that everyone was waiting for, which was their classic “Balls to the Wall.” The 1983 hit was saved for the last. As much as everyone wanted this to be the first song, it was realistically the perfect way to conclude the evening.


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