Dark Waters End – Submersion

Every major city has its share of great homegrown bands. Here in the Philly area we have CORPSE HOARDER, MACH22, CRYPT SERMON, and many, many more. Well now I can happily add DARK WATERS END to this list after listening to their debut full-length album Submersion (out now, self-released). Take the combo of Brutal and Technical Death Metal, put it in a blender with some Progressive Metal elements and this is basically what you get. The result is a very tasty and satisfying heavy-ass smoothie that will knock your socks off. The songs are never boring, nor do they meander aimlessly, and they are meaty in all the right places.

“Congenital Vice” is one of the tracks that jumped out at me from the very first listen. There are some really brutalizing moments during this one and the death growls are top notch. Meanwhile “Unquenchable” is totally unexpected because it could easily be a prog song. That threw me for a loop for sure. Opener “Immortal Consciousness” elects to go in a slightly breakdown-infused direction, but still gets things started in fine fashion. Your leadoff track is supposed to get people’s attention, and this one does just that. “Empty Skies” is one of the more aggressive tunes on the disc and I can see circle pits everywhere opening up when this one starts in a live setting.

“Rat King” has a very biting riff and vicious tone, making this another favorite, along with “Velocirapture.” Meanwhile,  “Hell Can’t Be Worse” is kind of all over the place musically, but it still works. “Bucket of Flesh” flirts with a Deathcore sound, which is fine by me, and it is also one of the heavier and more musically intricate pieces on the record. Closing the disc is “Up the Dose” which is hard, fast, aggressive, and it also borders on punk in places. At the end of the day you simply cannot pigeonhole Submersion and/or DARK WATERS END. But I do know this: they make some badass Progressive Death Metal, and I sure as shit want to see what the future holds for this very talented group of guys.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Congenital Vice”, “Rat King”, “Velocirapture”, Empty Skies”, “Bucket of Flesh”

RATING: 8.6/10

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