Revolution Saints – Light In The Dark

Megagroup REVOLUTION SAINTS, the brainchild of label head Serafino Perugino, and boasting the immeasurable talents of Deen Castronovo (drums, lead vocals), Jack Blades (bass, lead vocals), and Doug Aldrich (fiery Guitar God), have returned with album number two Light In the Dark, available now via Frontiers Music. If you liked the self-titled debut, then I think you’re going to LOVE this one. They took a winning recipe and made it even better if you can imagine that. Also, Alessandro Del Vecchio, in-house Frontiers producer/songwriter/keyboard player/Jack of All Trades is on board once again, getting the best out of these guys, like he always does.

Opener and title track “Light In the Dark” charges outta the gate full of piss and vinegar, setting an anthemic rockin’ tone with Aldrich’s killer riff and blazing solo, a massive chorus, and Castronovo and Blades trading off on the vocals. I swear, with these three it’s like “Instant chemistry, just add water”! And then, shit gets real, as in real deep with “Freedom,” a song that some may consider a departure for this band. It’s a little darker, but at the same time there’s this huge uplifting quality that inspires a “never give up” mentality. I loved it right from the start. Then “Ride On” goes off to the races, providing possibly one of the best driving anthems ever. I see many speeding tickets being handed out across the country over this one.

Now we come to my runaway favorite and one of my top picks for Song of the Year 2017, “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing.” A gorgeous, piano-driven number, Castronovo’s voice is bursting at the seams with a longing, wistfulness that tugged at my black heartstrings from the very first listen. Aldrich lays down two of the most emotional solos I think I’ve ever heard in my life, and as it plays right now while I write this my eyes are welling up…again. Simply beautiful, and a very powerful piece of music from start to finish. I cannot heap enough lavish praise on this song, because it has moved me so.

“Don’t Surrender” is another upbeat tune cut from the Melodic Hard Rock/AOR cloth, something this band does extremely well, and “Take You Down” shows off an Aldrich riff that’s like a musical switchblade cutting through the night. And speaking of riffs, he does it AGAIN on “The Storm Inside” which also features one ripper of a solo to go along with Blades and Castronovo’s vocal interplay. “Can’t Run Away From Love” is the second ballad, and it is a pretty little ditty with a big hook. As you’d suspect “Running On the Edge” is a balls-out rocker with some really great back-and-forth between the two singers, and the chorus is definitely arena-ready.

“Another Chance” is Aldrich’s song from beginning to end, top to bottom, and soup to nuts. What this man does with a guitar will never cease to amaze me, which is why he is one of my favorite six-stringers on the planet. Closing the disc is “Falling Apart,” a track with a back-in-the-day feel to it, but still modern enough to not be dated. Hey, good melodies will always be in style, amiright? Bottom line is this: REVOLUTION SAINTS have delivered a sure-fire winner with Light In the Dark. It’s an album where everyone who was involved should feel beyond proud of the finished product.

The deluxe version of the record also comes with four live tracks recorded in Milan, Italy that showcase everyone’s insane talents both individually and as a unit. Now, we just need to get a full U.S. tour from the boys and all will be right with the world. Oh, and on a personal note, I am so very, very ecstatic to see Deen Castronovo, someone I have always rooted for, happy, healthy, ready to rock, singing and playing his ass off. Welcome back, Deen!!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Another Chance”, “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing”, “Light In the Dark”, “Freedom”, “The Storm Inside”

RATING: 9.2/10

2 comments to “Revolution Saints – Light In The Dark”
2 comments to “Revolution Saints – Light In The Dark”
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