Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence

TRIVIUM is a band that has meant so much to me since 2009. I’ve heard and seen so many transitions from this group from a fan’s perspective, and today I’m completely confident to say that they took their comeback with the passion of an Olympian when winning the gold medal. Matt Heafy (lead vocals, guitars), Corey Beaulieu (guitars, backing vocals), Paolo Gregoletto (bass, clean backing vocals) and Alex Bent (drums) brought their talent to create one of their best albums yet: The Sin and the Sentence, their eighth record, out October 20 via Roadrunner Records.

Composed of eleven experimental, brutal, dark, creative and heavy songs, it shows the band’s evolution. With a complete side that’s facing the heavy side, Matt Heafy’s vocals are right on point, the music sounds like it’s designed to crush skulls and the melodies can be 100% used to overcome anything at any time. The opener “The Sin and the Sentence” is by far my favorite, an excellent start to the album. With alternating rhythm here and there, a long duration and a surprising solo, all the other songs that are coming next keep offering this variation for you, the ultimate fan, to forget all the misconceptions that you had about these Floridian men and appreciate the art that they deliver.

“Beyond Oblivion” has a very strong start. It’s a clear sign that TRIVIUM is serious about going back to their roots and they give you no time to breathe. “Other Worlds” is a track that reminds us of their most controversial sounding album Silence in the Snow, but only until the guitars and drums kick in with all the energy. “The Heart From Your Hate” is one track that I had a hard time digging at first. But after a few times I got it and jammed it for days. It’s a song that got me with the lyrics and it’s also one that I’d definitely use to introduce TRIVIUM to ANYONE. “Betrayer” is a tune that I didn’t completely love with the introduction, and that’s the only “but” I found for this one. It’s fast-paced with a great structure and the third single of the album.

“The Wretchedness Inside” reminded me a bit of how the band sounded when Vengeance Falls was released. It’s a complete and brutal smash to your skull, but also a slower song. Wait for the breakdown and scream your lungs out as you agree that it’s phenomenal. “Endless Night” is the short and sweet track, very inspirational rocking material. This reflects the ability of the band to transition from simple riffs and turn them into something that sends a huge amount of power with a clear and creative solo.

“Sever the Hand” is one where the drums stand out. It’s an excellent, fantastic and exquisite piece of thrash metal that sounds like a modern Shogun with deeper voices and less headbanging, but steady. “Beauty in the Sorrow” has a tricky and romantic intro followed by shattering notes, while “The Revanchist” is the long song that makes the album complete. It starts off strong, with its tone and speed alternations, but keeps the variety and unpredictability shown so far in the record. Also, “Thrown Into the Fire” is evil in many ways.

All in all, The Sin and the Sentence completely blew my mind. TRIVIUM is one of the best bands out there today, and they were able to build an album that’s not predictable at all, and every change that arrives is mind-blowing with adrenaline building up as each song is played. It’s an aggressive album and Matt’s vocals sound like they never did before. Sure, this is no Ascendancy, but it stands up to the same level as other successful records and it has enough elements to remain as one of the best that TRIVIUM has released. Amazing work, surprising turnout and deep feeling.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “The Sin and the Sentence”, “Beyond Oblivion”, “The Heart From Your Hate”, “The Wretchedness Inside”, “Sever the Hand”, “Thrown Into the Fire”

RATING: 9/10


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