Doll Skin Live: The Manic Pixie Dream Girls Rock Trees Dallas!! – Dallas, TX 10/29/17

I don’t know about you all, but I love metal and a lot of punk. I like the rebellious attitude of the in your face sort of stuff. It really hasn’t changed over time. From the SEX PISTOLS to the RAMONES, SOCIAL DISTORTION, GREEN DAY, and now DOLL SKIN may well be the new branch of the punk tree.

DOLL SKIN is four young ladies from Phoenix, Arizona and they are making waves. Founded in 2013, this rockin’ foursome already have two albums to their credit. Ranging from ages 17 to 21 years in age, the band already has a massive following. On lead vocals and guitar is Sydney Dolezal, lead guitar and vocals is Alex Snowden, thumping out the awesome bass riffs is Nichole Rich and the eldest of the bunch on skins is Meghan Herring.

You might be thinking, “Yeah right, teenagers in music” but let me tell you if you’ve ever heard of DEF LEPPARD, on their first album On Through the Night they were teenagers, and I loved it. ROCK GODDESS started when sisters Jody and Julie Turner, respectively, were 14 and nine years old. ROCK GODDESS is about to release another album. I can hardly wait!

DOLL SKIN’S first album In Your Face (Again) was produced by MEGADETH bassist Dave Ellefson, who also manages the group. So it’s obvious he is impressed with them. They have opened for well known acts and definitely have their shit together. Their second LP Manic Pixie Dream Girl is out and available for purchase.

Let me tell you about this gig. It happened on October 29 at Trees Dallas, one of my favorite music venues in the city. It’s not a huge place, but has a very warm feel. I’ve seen some awesome bands there over the years. While it’s not a great place for lighting (and I do photography), they generally have great staff working the gigs. It’s a good setup for meeting the bands when they make themselves available (as DOLL SKIN always does) and generally tickets are far from expensive. I was excited to watch the Phoenix gals tear it up.

They played a nine song set and they were full of energy, jumping, kickass guitar, jumping and more jumping. Sweet!  Drummer Meghan Herring had to return to Arizona, so a young guy named Max Portnoy (maybe you’ve heard of him??) filled in for her. Max did a great job. Highlights to me were “Daughter”, “Furious Fixation” and “Family of Strangers”. They ended their set with their tribute to Donald Trump called “Puncha Nazi”.

You know, I like to read what others have reviewed about bands and quite honestly, most of what I have read about this band was so much bullshit. Many reviewers (not all) are already biased in their approach toward all female bands. They use phrases like  “girl band” or “novelty” or “it’s a passing thing”. This sort of crap really irritates me. These asswipes wouldn’t know talent if they saw it. DOLL SKIN is the real thing. Not many bands get started this young or have such a new and innovative sound like they do.

They have clean guitars, are a tight band, and have their own unique sound. Their generation is well represented in the lyrics and composition of the music. While not complex songs, one shouldn’t expect it to be too technical from such young musicians. I listen for the potential and they really have that and they sound fucking GREAT! They are one of my favorite new bands. Knock ‘em dead DOLL SKIN. Thanks for blowing the doors off in Big D and I’m glad I was there. Check these ladies out, I think you will like what you find.   Salude’


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