Sebastian Bach Rocks Toys For Tots!! – Trees Dallas 11/12/17

Sebastian Bach rocked hard and heavy at the 9th Annual Toys For Tots Concert at Trees Dallas in Deep Ellum. The heavy metal frontman who achieved mainstream success with SKID ROW recently gave a high energy, non-stop, hard and heavy, kickass intimate show as he shook Trees Dallas bringing his “Monkey Business” to the forefront and utilizing his voice to raise money and collect toys for children less fortunate. Joining Bach on his solo tour are Brent Woods (lead guitar), Rob De Luca (bass), and Bobby Jarzombek behind the drums. Marines greeted us as we arrived at the front door collecting donations.

The band opened with an awesome rendition of “Little Wing” by JIMI HENDRIX and “Breaking Down” from the SKID ROW album Subhuman Race released in 1995. Loyal fans showed up pumped up (including me) eager to see if Bach still had his high pitch vocal register from the video days of MTV. A half a dozen songs were selected from the debut SKID ROW album including “Big Guns”, “Sweet Little Sister”, and “Piece Of Me”. Leading into two of the biggest hits from the album, with arms swaying back and forth in the air Sebastian encouraged the crowd to sing the first several verses of “18 and Life”, and the fans willingly obliged, adding fuel to the fire as Sebastian was just getting warmed up.

The good-looking golden blonde long haired metal singer has a distinctive blazing voice and a magnetic personality to match. His enthusiasm is contagious. Sebastian yelled to the crowd, “MERRY CHRISTMAS Dallas, TX! This one’s for the kids man, you know what I’m saying. I’ve been waiting awhile to come back to Dallas!  Instantaneously Bach burst into “I Remember You” and the emotion of taking a trip down memory lane left the crowd clinging on every word while singing the chorus line. This was his fifth consecutive show and his voice proved to have maintained his high pitched vocal ability to hit and hold out the euphoric metal dream screams that made him eminent for being one of the strongest and most recognizable voices in rock/metal today.

Following up with “Slave to the Grind”, Woods really ignited a spark playing his masterful guitar solos with heavy riffs and displaying his technical finesse with ease. This guy is super smooth and the sound was outstanding. Bach, fist pumping, swinging his hair and his microphone has great stamina and is so down to earth, and sarcastically funny he’s right where he belongs: in his comfort zone on stage. Other tunes performed included “Love Is a Bitchslap” and “American Metalhead”, which he changed to “Texas Metalhead”. Bach mentioned numerous times how much he really missed Dimebag and what a great guy he was. He then dedicated what he said was the late guitarist’s favorite SKID ROW song “In A Darkened Room” followed by a killer version “Monkey Business” that featured RUSH’S “Tom Sawyer” at the end where the heavy hitting Jarzombek had the spotlight.  

Closing out the night, Sebastian sang and showed off his arm tattoo with the inscription “Youth Gone Wild” and the crowd did just that…went wild, followed by a fist pumping ending with the AC/DC classic “T.N.T”. No matter what the size of the venue, Bach has the burning desire to keep rocking after 27 years and clearly has more fun than anyone and takes you along for the ride of the life he loves and lives out loud.  If I could say one thing to Sebastian Bach it would certainly be, “I REMEMBER YOU!”


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