The Amps And Green Screens Top Albums Of 2017!!

Okay. After much deliberation, biting, kicking, and hair-pulling, here are our Top Albums Lists of 2017!! Thank you to all the team members who did one, and for all you loyal readers out there, we couldn’t do this without you. So a BIG thank you from all of us!!

ZENAE D. ZUKOWSKI: Here is my Top 10 List, and 10 Honorable Mentions for Rock and Metal worth checking out from 2017.

1. KREATOR – Gods of Violence

2. DECAPITATED – Anticult

3. AYREON – The Source


5. MASTODON – Emperor of Sand

6. SEPTICFLESH – Codex Omega

7. MOONSPELL – 1755



10. CRADLE OF FILTH – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay


EPICA – The Solace System EP

XANDRIA – Theater of Dimensions


IGORR – Savage Sinusoid

SOLSTAFIR– Berdreyminn

BATTLE BEAST – Bringer of Pain

BELPHEGOR– Totenritual

THE ALCALDE: Here are my Top Albums of 2017!

1. TRIVIUM – The Sin and the Sentence. My favorite band today came back with a surprising album that has the power to blow your mind away. Two years after one of their most controversial releases, TRIVIUM took the time to bring the very best of EVERY SINGLE ALBUM that they’ve made. The result? A combination of THE BEST that TRIVIUM has ever put into one album, representing all eras of the band.

2. MASTODON – Emperor of Sand. Although this band represents a tiny deviation from all the other picks, it’s evident to say that MASTODON has become one of the most representative bands of metal to the world. Emperor of Sand was their best-selling record to date after one week, which means that the musical creativity has not gone away.

3. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – Nightbringers. The music industry has changed so much over the years. There’s always an exception to the rule, and this is a huge one: Nightbringers achieved the most pre-orders in Metal Blade Records’ history. After you can give yourself a chance to listen to 30-ish minutes of extreme death metal music, you’ll see why it makes sense that this iconic band smashed the shit out of all other bands of their label.

4. DARKEST HOUR – Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora. Long name for a band that has held a very long trajectory. DARKEST HOUR stands among one of the most underrated bands that I’ve ever heard of, and just when we think that it’s all going to be over, they pretty much self-funded this release, making it one of the most successful to date. This showed all of us why we must support our favorite artists and that everything’s possible with hard work and dedication.

5. ARCH ENEMY – Will to Power. I firmly believe that even though ARCH ENEMY decided to move to another direction with a new vocalist, this decision has reaffirmed the band as one of the most unique that currently exist, and it has also established a complete new brand courtesy of Alissa White-Gluz’ voice. Will to Power was an amazing release, and it holds this new brand well.

6. POWER TRIP – Nightmare Logic. Rarely have I seen a band that has gained so much popularity by touring with huge names in the scene. Dallas’ POWER TRIP is exactly that band, and besides from being amazing, their new material has opened the doors for them to become recognized in other parts of the world.

7. CANNIBAL CORPSE – Red Before Black. Anyone who says this band plays the same thing over and over again is partially right. What they should consider in their statement is that CANNIBAL CORPSE are the KINGS of Death Metal, and should demonstrate why they hold such a title before the metal community. Red Before Black is an album that’s making sure the crown stays where it belongs for the fourteenth time.

8. DRAGONFORCE – Reaching Into Infinity. After three years since their last release, this power metal band’s new disc was very well accepted by the metal community. It featured their longest song ever, lots of high vocals and crazy solos.

9. KREATOR – Gods of Violence. One of the big teutonic four made a triumphant return with this album. Nailing huge tours in North America, Latin America, Europe and other parts of our world,KREATOR created a solid album that brought lots of excitement to their shows.

10. HAVOK – Conformicide. One of the most young and badass thrash metal bands today completely nailed their tunes to create an album that’s worth repeating over and over.


1. CALIGULA’S HORSE – In Contact
2. STEVEN WILSON – To the Bone
3. MARILYN MANSON – Heaven Upside Down
4. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – Nightbringers
5. PALLBEARER – Heartless
6. SOEN – Lykaia
7. GOATWHORE – Vengeful Ascension
8. DANKO JONES – Wild Cat
9. MASTODON – Emperor of Sand


1. TAYLOR SWIFT – Reputation: Our girl makes a brilliant statement while not-so-subtly giving critics and naysayers the middle finger, but doing it with class. An album of sheer pop perfection from first note to last.

2. KREATOR – Gods of Violence: not only THE best Thrash Metal record of 2017, but one of the best in this band’s career, bar none!

3. RICHIE KOTZEN – Salting Earth: This man has put out a record that will be hailed for many, many years. The songs have a retro feel while also sounding modern and fresh.

4. ROBERT PLANT – Carry Fire: The perfect companion to 2014’s Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar finds Robert Plant continuing on in the same fantastic musical direction. Every song is an absolute winner.

5. ART OF ANARCHY – The Madness: Vocalist Scott Stapp sounds rejuvenated on an album that hits home for those of us who have dealt with love, loss, life, and addiction. A terrific record.

6. KXM – Scatterbrain: George Lynch, dUg Pinnick, and Ray Luzier have done it again. This album will hook you from the first note to the last.  

7. KOBRA AND THE LOTUS – Prevail I: Once again, Kobra Paige and Company knock it out of the park from start to finish and back again.

8. BUTCHER BABIES – Lilith: Hands down the best record this band has put out so far, and one of the best albums of 2017. The group sounds locked in and ready to fuck shit up!

9. SWEET & LYNCH – Unified: Did you really think these guys wouldn’t put out another home run of an album? You’re silly if you didn’t. Unified is excellent!

10. CORPSE HOARDER – Hard to Kill: DIY Philly band released THE Death Metal album of 2017. Nothing else even comes close, and a bunch of the big names put out albums this year. Still, they can’t touch this..

11. WARBRINGER – Woe to the Vanquished: If not for KREATOR’S album, this would have been Thrash Metal record of the fucking year. Still, from start to finish it crushes everything in its wake!!

12. MARTY FRIEDMAN – Wall of Sound: Marty Friedman and Kiyoshi…need I say more?

13. BATTLE BEAST – Bringer of Pain: Noora Louhimo and the boys deliver THE best offering of their career!

14. HOUSE OF LORDS – Saint of the Lost Souls: For the third straight time, this band delivers a home run!

15. JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE – He Saw It Comin’: The most real, raw, and emotionally honest album I’ve heard in a looooong time. And the interview I had with Jack Russell remains one of my greatest musical memories ever.

16. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA – Amber Galactic: Such a fun album and one that takes me back to yesteryear!

17. HOUR OF PENANCE – Cast the First Stone: Damn near Death Metal perfection across each and every track.

18. IRIS DIVINE – The Static and the Noise: Progressive metal excellence with ZERO musical wankery.

19. REVOLUTION SAINTS – Light In the Dark: Another album that hits on so many levels. And “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It STILL moves me to tears.

20. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – Nightbringers: After a lackluster album in Abysmal, the band rebounds with this disc, and reminds everyone why they fell in love with these guys.

21. DYING FETUS – Wrong One to Fuck With: This album pounds you with each and every song. And it also lets everyone know once again who’s boss.

22. DEMONIC RESURRECTION – Dashavatar: Never before have I been so enthralled while also getting an education. Well done, guys!

23. TYGERS OF PAN TANG: Man alive, this is a kickass record, and one everyone should own posthaste!

24. SUFFOCATION – …Of the Dark Light: A welcome return from one of Death Metal’s original gangstas.

25. KELLY CLARKSON – Meaning of Life: This is without a doubt Kelly’s best record in over a decade. “Heat” and “Whole Lotta Woman” are two of the greatest songs she’s ever recorded, and I hope I finally get to see her live in 2018!!

26. BROKEN HOPE – Mutilated and Assimilated: My favorite album from this band, bar none. To call this album great is doing it a disservice. It’s awesome!

27. MORBID ANGEL – Kingdoms Disdained: Fantastic record from a fantastic band. Steve Tucker being back rejuvenated this group and they’ve written a near-perfect album.

28. ORIGIN – Unparalleled Universe: Yet another Death Metal masterpiece from this great band.

29. CUT UP – Wherever They May Rot: With album number two, these boys show that the first one wasn’t a fluke, and that they are here to stay/slay!

30. DECAPITATED – Anticult: It’s been a rough couple of months for these guys, but that doesn’t change the fact that Anticult fucking rips from beginning to end.


DEMI LOVATO – Tell Me You Love Me

SONS OF APOLLO – Psychotic Symphony

NICK DOUGLAS – Regenerations

ACCEPT – Restless and Live

IRON MAIDEN: The Book of Souls: Live Chapter

INSATIA – Phoenix Aflame

ENTRAILS – World Inferno

IN DEATH… – The Devil Speaks

AUGUST BURNS RED – Phantom Anthem


1. “…Ready For It?” – TAYLOR SWIFT

2. “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” – REVOLUTION SAINTS

3. “Manifest Destiny” – KOBRA AND THE LOTUS 

4. “You’re the Best Thing About Me” – U2

5. “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” – DEMI LOVATO


So there it is. Our favorites of 2017. Hope these lists inspire you to maybe go out and take in some new music that might have passed you by. And once again, from our Amps and Green Screens family to yours,


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