Deconstructing Sequence – Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities of Space

Once in a great while you come across an album that is as heavy as it is unique in sound and feel. Such is the case with Blackened Death Metal band DECONSTRUCTING SEQUENCE and their brand new disc Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities of Space (March 16, Via Nocturna). I finally got around to checking this one out and when it was over my head was spinning. There is so much going on with this group and these songs, but the good news is that never does the music feel clunky, cluttered, or your basic hot mess. I’ve used the term “controlled chaos” before, and it definitely applies here. There are also some progressive elements to be found, so believe me, they certainly keep things interesting.

A perfect example of this is “V4641”, which uses synths to enhance the flavor of the track. Drummer J. Nerexo lets his blast beats fly loud and proud throughout, and the atmospheric sounds over top of that are a welcome addition. “My Way Through the Stars” is one I found, and still find myself coming back to again and again because I just love the way it ebbs and flows, and it almost makes me feel like I’m floating through space, silly as that may sound to you. Opener “Lifeforce Awakens” is very much in the Symphonic Death realm, and if this doesn’t grab your attention right away I don’t know what to tell you; methinks you’re hopeless. The guitars, drums, and growls come together in a sonic stew that made me want seconds.

Another nice thing about this record is you never know where the songs are headed once they begin. That is something that will always make me sit up and take notice. And that’s exactly the case with “Dark Matter.” Although it has a bit more subdued beginning than other tracks, it bares its teeth pretty quickly as it moves along. Consider this one another favorite. The same goes for “Luminous (In the Process of Merging)”. I have a feeling this might be my next ringtone, and soon. “Heading to the Virgo Constellation” is one of the more deliberately pounding tunes on the album and is yet another winner. Ahhh, three killer songs in a row. Gotta love that!

Wait! Make that four because “Supernova (The Battle For Matter Begins)” is simply FUCKING AWESOME!! On an album full of killer tracks, this one sits head and shoulders above the rest for me. The driving riffs, the keys, the drums, the growls, and the overall vibe, it all just works perfectly. Closing the disc is instrumental “Run Starchild…You Are Free Now!” which settles into its role as the figurative two-mile run one takes after a pretty intense aural workout. So all in all I truly enjoyed my first DECONSTRUCTING SEQUENCE experience. And I can definitely say that there’s something to like on just about every song from Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities of Space.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Dark Matter”, “Supernova (The Battle For Matter Begins)”, “Heading to the Virgo Constellation”, “Luminous (In the Process of Merging)”, “My Way Through the Stars”

RATING: 9/10

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