The Malice – Lamashtu

Hey, can I borrow you guys a minute? Some of you might remember when I wrote about THE MALICE in the fall of 2016. Well guess what? They are back, this time with another EP titled Lamashtu, and it’s out now. Relax, I’ll include the purchase link at the end. So let’s talk about this for a minute. Pummeling Death Metal the likes of which you haven’t heard probably ever is what this band delivers. Claudio Enzler is one of THE best vocalists in the genre, and on this release he goes apeshit over four tracks. There is also a big-time Middle eastern vibe on these songs, which only adds to the flavor.

Guitars, bass, drums, baglama, and oud are taken care of by Hubbe Liljegren, who also writes all the lyrics. Man, is there anything this guy can’t do?? Title track “Lamashtu” is simultaneously a sonic punch in the guts and kick in the balls. This song will beat the shit out of you while you cough up blood, loving every minute of it. The same can be said for opener “In the Light of Asag”. If you want a tutorial on how to properly start a Death Metal record then look no further than this one, okay?

“The Nimrud Assignment” is another exercise in brutality, and everytime I listen to it I imagine chairs being hurled through plate glass windows. Oh wait…that’s because it makes me want to do just that. It’s a good thing I’m never left unsupervised, because I would smash things all the live long day listening to this stuff. But that’s the beauty of extreme metal. You can fantasize all you want about breaking things and people, and it’s all about getting your aggression out through the volume and through the music.

The EP ends with “The Pestilence of Ibra” which is very Middle eastern-flavored like I mentioned earlier, and it’s a fitting closer to cap off Lamashtu. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: THE MALICE is a band that every single fucking metalhead on the planet should be listening to RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Up to this point I have never included EP’S on my Year end Top Albums list. Well, with the release of this monster I just might have to change that. Because Lamashtu is easily one of the best records that 2018 has to offer. Buy it HERE, and thank me later.


RATING: 5/5  

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