Harms Way – Posthuman

Alright everyone, hold onto your seats, cause HARMS WAY is back with their latest full length release, Posthuman. This piece is an awesome display of experimental hardcore. It’s dark, and it’s heavy as hell. This is their first album in three years, and they’re holding up extremely well. This band is a big name in the hardcore scene for a reason. Plain and simple, HARMS WAY rules. The minute you start listening to this release you get hooked, it slams from front to back. This one is definitely worth a listen, and you should listen NOW.

The album cracks open with the first track “Human Carrying Capacity.” This is a great opener, it’s really groovy and harsh from the get-go. The minute this aggressive song starts you start headbanging. The whole band does a great job here. This flows into the next song, “Last Man” very smoothly. It starts off real ambient with the drums beating, and the riff comes in slowly with the beat. The vocals fall in hard and quick and it gets going. It’s extremely heavy and quick, and fades out with the same beat it entered with. Awesome song. 

“Sink” starts off somewhat slow and gradually grows into double time. It stays steady and groovy with real melodic tremolo picking guitars and constant double bass. Everything fits so well as a piece and makes it so heavy. Near the two and a half minute mark it slows down and breaks down. This is when the song REALLY slams. The whole ending makes you want to get up and punch something, it’s amazing.

“Temptation,” starts off real ambient as well. The singing is in more in the background and it sounds so eerie.The guitar is extremely dissonant and they combine with the vocals really well. The heaviness comes down around the three minute mark and it goes hard. “Become a Machine” is next. It starts with a slow riff and the drums and vocals fade in with it. This one is cool because it’s a more easy going track, and it slowly grows into the breakdown that sounds almost intimidating. 

Next comes “Call My Name”, coming in with another ambient part and drum beats. The riff starts with the beat; the guitars are especially heavy here, they just have a boom to them at this point, it flows amazingly. This continues into a weird sounding breakdown, the actual playing is odd and it makes the song so much cooler. “The Gift” is an interlude, a big part of the pure ambience this albums displays. This one is dark, the vocals sound pained and the reverb and echos make it extremely creepy.

This continues until it somewhat glitches out and goes into the final track, “Dead Space.” This is one of the heaviest and grooviest songs of the whole release. The vocals are angriest, the guitars are the harshest, and they groove all the way through. It flows into the breakdown and gets so extreme, and it ends on the down beat.

This albums is awesome. It is an amazing display of heaviness, ambience, groove, and anger. It is an excellent comeback from the previous release Rust, and HARMS WAY is only getting better with each record. If you’re a fan of hardcore at ALL then go pickup Posthuman, out now through Metal Blade Records!


RATING: 9.5/10


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