Killibrium – Purge

So India has themselves a new face in their Death Metal landscape and that face is newcomers KILLIBRIUM. Their self-released debut Purge is out now and contains six tracks that will beat the shit out of you, sure, but they also have a technical flair as well, without getting too tech-y. It’s a great balance between the two, and pretty much all the tracks beg for repeat listens. Opener “Forewarned is Forearmed” sets the pummeling tone and is a potent combo of dirty, chunky riffs and killer blast beats.

From here we have “Denominator” whose intro is very sinister. It will have you wondering where the group is going with this one. There’s an almost BLACK SABBATH vibe to it. Then of course, all Hell breaks loose, but it still doesn’t move too fast. You don’t need blinding speed to be heavy as all get out, something some of you whippersnappers reading this might learn one day. “Mental Illusions” and “Vigilante” are two standouts because the riffs on both are simply savage, and the band just hits you with everything they’ve got. These two probably crush it live.

The deliciously evil sounds continue with “Purge”, and here vocalist Nitin Rajan is particularly good, the star of the show if you will. Closing the disc is “Last Man Standing”, a short instrumental number that is anything but sweet. It’s a fitting way to cap things off, and as I alluded to earlier, you’ll very likely be scrambling for the REPEAT button to play the disc again. With Purge, the boys in KILLIBRIUM have thrown a rather impressive hat into the ring, and I think they’ll be a Death Metal force to be reckoned with.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Purge”, “Mental Illusions”, “Vigilante”


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