Myles Kennedy – Year Of The Tiger

Who is MYLES KENNEDY? If you have to ask this question you’ve likely been living under a rock for the past decade or more. Luckily if you need an introduction to I’m here to help. He founded a band called THE MAYFIELD FOUR and was then hand selected to fill the role as the lead singer and guitarist of ALTER BRIDGE, a band comprised of the three remaining members of CREED. By adding Kennedy, they became one of the greatest rock bands on the planet.

During this time Myles was tapped to lead a revival of LED ZEPPELIN by Jimmy Page himself, a role that Kennedy declined. He did, however accept an invitation to join SLASH with his band MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS. If Mark Tremonti, SLASH, and Jimmy Page pick you to sing for their bands then chances are you’ve got a voice from the Gods. And Myles has that in spades, while at the same time playing guitar just as good as any of those six string legends.

Year of the Tiger is the debut solo album from Mr. Kennedy (out now on Napalm Records). He’s taking a slightly different direction with this material than you’ve heard from him in the past. A folky, bluesy acoustic and electric record with a rock and country vibe. This disc could be described as a dirty hike through a humid swamp with a seedy bar at the end of the trail. This is musical greatness in its purest form. An artist of this caliber doing music his way. How can it be bad?

I’m utterly stunned by “The Great Beyond”, a song thick with a haunting orchestral arrangement and an underlying emotional heaviness. Layering Myles’ delicate yet powerful voice over the top of such a dynamic piece of music make me think of an epic film that takes everything you’ve got to make it to the end before the energy is sucked from your body. This piece of music is worth the price of the album all on its own, and is possibly one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard.

The hits just keep on coming with “Year of the Tiger”; “Nothing But a Name”, “Love Can Only Heal”, “Mother” and many, many more. This album is jam packed with dynamic rock music that is simply a pleasure to dive into. Every piece seems to tell a story. And every track seems like a different piece to a larger puzzle.

Simply put, Myles Kennedy has got it. The look, the staggering talent and the raw intangibles that comprise a rock star. This man is one in a million. Or maybe one in a billion. He’s that special and now he’s doing things his way. One of the many faces of the same dynamic performer, Year of the Tiger should not be missed and I think everyone needs this album in their collection. Go grab a copy today!




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