New Music Alert: Display Of Decay – “Forced Frontal Lobotomy”

Two and a half years after the release of stellar album Dust of Existence, Edmonton Death Metal group DISPLAY OF DECAY return with a headcrushing new single “Forced Frontal Lobotomy”. This track is featured on the forthcoming LP Art In Mutilation which releases May 18 via Gore House Productions. Man, is this one a fucking ripper! I’ve been on the D.O.D. train for awhile now and this song just might eclipse anything they’ve done up to this point.

A monster riff collides with some stop and start smashes and blast beats to kick things off. Vocalist Jessy Leduc STILL sounds like he eats children, and guitarist Sean Watson, bassist Jacob Maisonneuve, and drummer Avery Desmarais provide the sonic backbone for this particular brand of cannibalism. This tune is a pummeler from beginning to end, especially with the bass being so high up in the mix the way it is. Really gives the song extra punch.

Killer riffs and solos, death growls supreme, and a thick as all get out rhythm section is what you get when you press PLAY. All told “Forced Frontal Lobotomy” is an absolute rager. And if these 3:25 are any indication of what’s to come when Art In Mutilation drops, I suggest you dig a moat, then start boarding up your windows and doors, ‘cause DISPLAY OF DECAY is coming to reduce your house to rubble!


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