The Amorettes – Born To Break

Social media has been great for me finding some exceptional bands around the globe. Just recently, I was turned on to a three-piece rock and roll band from Edinburgh Scotland who call themselves THE AMORETTES. Their newest creation, Born to Break (SPV/Steamhammer Records, April 6) is 12 tracks that will kick your butt. Formed in 2010, Gill Montgomery (guitar and lead vocals), Hannah McKay (skins) and on bass Heather McKay, these ladies are quickly gaining international attention. There are lots of rock n’ roll bands who try hard, but that intangible “it” is somehow missing. THE AMORETTES naturally seem to have found “it”. These lasses are pure tidy. Let’s take a look at Born to Break.

Heading the assault is “Can You Feel the Fire”. Right away you will notice the very catchy rhythm riff and moving bass lines. You’ll find out right away that these three produce very tight, memorable tracks. It’s a great way to head the album. Next up is “Hello and Goodbye” and the ladies slow it down for a bluesy number. “Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock and Roll” hits you between the eyes. This is an anthem to various artists like JOAN JETT, the SEX PISTOLS and the BEATLES and doing one’s own thing. As of this writing, the YouTube vid had over 12,000 views. Quite impressive.

Title track “Born to Break” will bust your ass with heavy guitar, and a beat that will penetrate your soul and an earworm that will drive you mad with excitement: “Born to break, born to, born to break, yeah, born to break, born to born to break, yeah”. Listen to it. My favorite on the album. “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” is also a very catchy tune about tolerance with each other and whatever “floats your boat”. Montgomery has a very tasty solo as well. Forged from the fire is “Hell or High Water”, and reminds me of a rock blend between Kelly Clarkson and ROCK GODDESS. That’s not at all a bad thing because it’s really tasteful. It was a bit of a surprise, but not a bad addition at all.

“You Still Got Rock and Roll” brings some good, smooth flowing lyrics with a reminder that if the shit’s hitting the fan, we can find that solace by immersing ourselves in the music we love. Putting us guy’s eyes back in their sockets is the “locked up daughters” message to take it “Easy Tiger”. As a dad of a 20-year old daughter, I think I will recommend this song to her. Ah, yeah! Up and flying out of the cave next is “Bat Shit Crazy” followed by maybe the heaviest tune in the box “Coming Up The Middle”. Montgomery always has a great memorable rhythmic riff and this is no exception. Just a good straightforward shot of rock and roll with a killer solo.

“High on Your Energy” almost finishes the trek, with a great foot tapper. I have a feeling that if one was to see this song live, it would literally electrify the place. It would be a great mood enhancer in a live setting. Finishing up the project and slowing down the pace is “I Want it Bad”. The song about made my emotions explode because it’s very slow paced and is about a very anticipated, highly charged future. Perhaps an inner self portrait of the band?

THE AMORETTES are a refreshing change from traditional rock n’ roll and the million forms of metal saturating us today. Everyone I talk to who’s seen the them live, absolutely loves them on stage. There is something about a high energy, three member rock band, who obviously kick ass on stage (and in the studio), and who have devoted fans that spread the word about them (that’s how I found them). That Scottish “it” is spreading its wings and taking the world one song, one stage and one fan at a time. Isn’t that how a rock and roll empire is born?  Salude’

STANDOUT TRACKS:  “Can You Feel the Fire”, Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock and Roll”,  “Born to Break”, “Coming Up the Middle”

RATING: 9/10


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