BulletBoys – From Out Of The Skies

I like BULLETBOYS. Can’t say they have ever been a favorite, but I would listen to them. Well their original, good stuff anyway. However, From Out of the Skies, their new album (out now, Frontiers Music)…the whole thing is just crap. I can’t believe I spent any time on each song, and that was way too much time! So here goes the painful review…The musical intro to the first track, “Apocalypto,” was heavy, crunchy, and groovy. Not too bad to start, right? But OH MY GOD when the vocals started I was taken aback. What’s with the falsetto?! Took about 15 seconds of the singing before I said “nope” and moved on.

The first single they released off of this album, “D-Evil,” came next. I listened to this when they released it and hated it then. Did they take inspiration from LIMP BIZKIT?! That MIGHT explain the “singing” style. So no more time to waste here. I was hoping the entire album wasn’t going to be this way. Unfortunately for me I was so very wrong. Cool musical intro again in “From Out of the Skies,” but that’s where it ends. When Marq Torien started singing I couldn’t help but be reminded of Hilary Duff for some reason. Something about his tone I endured just reminded me of her. So far it’s 0 for 3. Not looking good.

Honestly not even the music can save “Hi-Fi Drive By.” As has been shown so far, the vocals were horrid. “Losing End Again” had a sort of island vibe with weird instruments but a terrible sound overall. Dare I say next? Intriguing guitar tone to start off “What Cha Don’t.” The first minute and a half was simply instrumental. Starting to look up, albeit over half of the album in. But again the style in which Marq sang just ruined everything.

Oh god I couldn’t get through 5 seconds of “P.R.A.B.” From the launch it just made my stomach turn and my ears bleed. Oh, and again with the LIMP BIZKIT influence! Why would anyone take influence from them?!? “Sucker Punch” me in the ears why dontcha?! “Switchblade Butterfly” is unremarkable. Barely worth mentioning. Finally the last song! It’s almost over! To be honest “Once Upon a Time” could have had potential as a power ballad. Potential. I guess it was supposed to be a ballad, however it is quite dull.

Now that I have wasted about an hour of my life, I am ready to completely disregard this album and never think of it again. What happened, guys?!? I mean come on, you could hardly stick to a single style on this album, and what’s worse is each style you tried turned out like crap! Go back to your original sound with “Smooth Up In Ya” and “Hell On My Heels.” Revisit your debut album and recapture that sound. Anyone who wants to attempt to listen to this album, you have been warned.


RATING: .5/10 (Half a point for little bit of cool musical intros)


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