Septicflesh, Dark Funeral, Cattle Decapitation And Thy Antichrist Destroy The Rail Club – Fort Worth TX 3/17/18

SEPTICFLESH have finally returned to the DFW Metroplex bringing along DARK FUNERAL and THY ANTICHRIST as support for what is already an incredible tour package. But that wasn’t enough for the folks at The Rail Club, as they decided to turn it into the fourth installment of their yearly Fort Worth Metal Festival, adding California deathgrind heavyweights CATTLE DECAPITATION and Dallas based SEEKER to the already stacked line up with five local openers which set the stage for the musical chaos to come.

THY ANTICHRIST had finally returned home DFW and you could tell they were excited to play here again. The fans showed their appreciation for the hometown blasphemers as they moshed and thrashed around to the sounds of the band’s own blend of existentialist black metal, not giving a fuck that it was raining outside or that smoking inside Fort Worth businesses is now illegal. What better place for the band to be on St Patrick’s Day than on a stage in their hometown playing songs off their Napalm Records debut album Wrath of the Beast plus songs from their back catalog. These corpse-painted heathens warmed up the crowd and left them wanting more by the end of their thirty minute set.

After a short set change it was time for CATTLE DECAPITATION to have their turn to help pulverize the venue with their unique deathgrind sound. Vocalist Travis Ryan mentioned that they are in the midst of writing their forthcoming album and decided to take a break to come down to Fort Worth to play the show. Their entire set was dedication to Texas metal legend Bruce Corbitt of WARBEAST and RIGOR MORTIS fame as he was forced to hang up his mic for the foreseeable future. The band was pretty much nonstop from start to finish with Travis joking a few times about the next song being their last song yet kept it going with fan favorites “A Living Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat” and “Forced Gender Reassignment”.

After over six solid hours of intense extreme metal DARK FUNERAL finally made their way to the stage for the first time in five years and made sure to leave a lasting impression on the ever so rowdy crowd. Bringing their own blend of Satanic Black Metal to the stage was no easy task but the band pulled it off effortlessly.Current vocalist Heljarmadr has a way with working the crowd, and had them chanting along with him multiple times throughout their hour plus set. DARK FUNERAL played a solid mix of older and newer material making sure to play a little bit of everything from their twenty five year career while ensuring those in attendance were still left with enough energy for SEPTICFLESH.

And speaking of which, it was finally time for SEPTICFLESH to take the stage and they came out swinging. Fog machines and a stellar light show set the mood for what would turn into sixty-five minutes of pure intensity. As the headliner for the evening they took full advantage of having more than enough time at their disposal making sure to play multiple songs from their newest album Codex Omega and opting to include plenty from their back catalogue including Communion and Titan. The band did everything in their power to make sure everyone in attendance would remember the day they played The Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas.



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