Torture Squad – Far Beyond Existence

Nothing I love more than new discoveries when it comes to bands. And TORTURE SQUAD is exactly that. Hailing from Brazil, this group has existed in one form or another since 1993. A lot of lineup changes have taken place over the years, resulting in the current one. I had never heard note one till the promo showed up at my door, and once I pressed PLAY I was all in. The brutal punishment of Death Metal is upon you, brothers and sisters, with some Thrash Metal elements included. And that punishment comes in the form of Far Beyond Existence, out now on Brutal Records.

So what can you expect from this new record? You can expect to get your fucking head caved in, that’s what. Vocalist Mayara “Undead” Puertas has some of the fiercest, most intense death growls I have ever heard. She’s fantastic! “Blood Sacrifice” is a track that simply owns from beginning to end, largely because of her. The crunchy riffs from Rene Simionato anchor songs like “Steady Hands” and opener “Don’t Cross My Path”, the latter of which also features some tasty blast beats from drummer Amilcar Christofaro. “No Fate” kicks off with an air raid siren and overall the track has a very old school sound to it. Very nice!

The brutality doesn’t really let up, as evidenced by “Hero For the Ages”, and “Far Beyond Existence”, both of them planting their feet firmly in Thrash Metal territory. “Hero” is without a doubt one of this record’s best tunes, and the title track is an exercise in great songwriting. “You Must Proclaim” features a bass-laden intro from Castor, then the rest of the group chimes in and just goes batshit. Closer “Area 51” swings the wrecking ball one last time, making sure your house is sufficiently leveled. All told Far Beyond Existence is one helluva record and TORTURE SQUAD is one bad motherfucker of a band! Glad I found them!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “You Must Proclaim”, Blood Sacrifice”, “Hero For the Ages”, “Far Beyond Existence”

RATING: 8.5/10

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