Morbid Angel, Misery Index, Dreaming Dead and More Rip The TLA To Shreds!! – Philadelphia, PA 4/19/18

MORBID ANGEL’S Kingdoms Disdained Tour recently played  Theater of the Living Arts in Philly with four other Death Metal bands: Pennsylvania’s OUTER HEAVEN opened the show and got a warm reception from their almost home crowd. HATE STORM ANNIHILATION, DREAMING DEAD, and MISERY INDEX were on the bill as well. The venue started to fill up as Chicago’s HATE STORM ANNIHILATION hit the stage around 8:00.

The Los Angeles melodic death metal band DREAMING DEAD was up next. This talented group of four ladies really bring it. A lot of “girl bands” get a pass ‘cause they are pretty or have pleasant voices, but this band is something different. Lead singer Elizabeth Schall has a heavy death metal growl and all of them are fantastic musicians, and yes, pretty too. The audience really loved them.

Next up was MISERY INDEX, one of those good bands you’ve never heard of. The Baltimore deathgrinders have been around since 2001 and have five full length albums. When you go to see MORBID ANGEL on this tour, be sure to get there early enough to see the support acts.

After all these bands it was time for the main event. MORBID ANGEL are pioneers of Death Metal, starting in 1983. Founder Trey Azagthoth is currently the only original member; however this lineup has some seasoned veterans, especially with the return of Steve Tucker on bass and vocals for the first time since 2003.

This tour is in support of their most recent album Kingdoms Disdained, released in December of 2017 via Silver Lining Music. They played a couple songs from that record right at the beginning: “Piles of Little Arms” and “D.E.A.D.” then played mostly older stuff the rest of the set.  Don’t miss this tour if it’s coming to your city!


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