Necrostalker – Bloodstained

You want some Old School Death Metal in your life, do ya??? Well then you need to check out NECROSTALKER, and their recently released debut EP Bloodstained!! Holy fuck, this 4-track disc will have you throwing shit through windows faster than you can say “Death Metal”. These boys ain’t fucking around, make no mistake about that. You can detect hints of early SUFFOCATION as well as ABORTED in these tracks, which is obviously something I loved from the start.

The band, made up of Jonathan Tavares (vocals), Aaron Nicholson (guitar), Oz Asbjorn (bass), and Shane Kendall (drums), totally sounds like they could have come from either the Tampa or Sweden Old School scenes. They fit both equally well. As far as the songs go, “Into Black” and “Demon Inside” were the immediate favorites. The bloodthirsty riffs of the former combined with the killing room feel of the latter make these tunes worthy of repeat listens. Which is not to say the first two are bad, because they certainly are not.

Opener “Cuts Deep” will fuck your world up six ways till Sunday, and the lyrics were co-written by my good friend Jaide, which obviously makes it even cooler. “Bloodstained” is an absolute slasher from beginning to end, each riff like a knife cutting you open. You can’t see your killer, but they’re stabbing at you till you bleed out lost in the music. Bottom line is this. I really enjoyed Bloodstained, and if the music here is any indication of what’s to come, I think NECROSTALKER has a lot to say. Now it’s up to you to take notice, bitches. Get your copy HERE!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Into Black”, “Demon Inside”

RATING: 4/5.  

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