Sevendust – All I See Is War

Over the last 20 years no band has affected me the way SEVENDUST has. I’ve attended 44 live shows and most of the music I listen to outside of this band was introduced to me by these guys in one way or another. To say I was excited to review All I See is War is an understatement. I  squealed with delight when it crashed my inbox and I quickly pressed play. What hit my ears next was literally a sonic breath of fresh air and I’ve had the album on repeat ever since.

All I See is War (May 11 on Rise Records) is their twelfth studio effort. SEVENDUST consists of Lajon Witherspoon on vocals, Morgan Rose on drums, Vince Hornsby on bass, John Connolly on rhythm guitar and Clint Lowery on lead guitar. This lineup has remained virtually unchanged since the band’s inception, sans Lowery stepping away for a bit. And the brotherhood that these guys share is why they are still selling out shows 24 years later.

One of my early favorites has to be “Sickness”. Powerful vocals, lyrics and riffs are on display here. This is a perfect song, plain and simple. Not too heavy but heavy enough when it needs to be. It’s as if the stars aligned and an unseen hand guided SEVENDUST to craft a perfectly balanced piece of art. “Sickness” is one of the greatest songs in the band’s history and worth the price of admission on its own.

“Risen” hits hard and is one that grabs you by the throat and demands your attention. This track is the very definition of what SEVENDUST does. Thunderous percussion, powerful vocals and monstrous riffs abound. Every trick these guys can pull is on display here and it’s epic beyond description. Throw in a plethora of other excellent tracks like “Dirty”, “Medicated”, “Moments” and “Not Original” and you’re well on your way to classic album status.

All I See is War strikes me as a spiritual successor to Seasons. Not quite as heavy hitting as some of their past efforts, yet the writing and playing have never been better. There are still some bangers on this album though and it truly has a sound for every ear. Tons of melody as always, with some powerful and clear vocals by Lajon. Morgan and Vince keep the low end locked in, and some impressive guitar work from two very different guitarists just work to bring these songs to life.

Simply put All I See is War is a no brainer if you’re already a SEVENDUST fan. And if you aren’t then what the Hell are you waiting for? This is a great jumping on point and you can work your way thru the back catalogue. Run out and buy this album on release day. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


RATING: 10/10


2 comments to “Sevendust – All I See Is War”
2 comments to “Sevendust – All I See Is War”
  1. Dude, Fanboy much? LOL! Huge fan here as well. I really couldn’t pull a lot from your review because of the gushing. Sorry, just how it came across. I love the 3 tracks they have released and the guys starting the concert with Dirty was awesome! Hopefully my pre-order will be in soon so I can gush as well! Thanks for the read.

    • This is Damian the editor. I didn’t write the review, but I second everything Adam said. This is by far their best work since Seasons (my favorite album). There’s also s very Seasons’y feel to some of these songs, which I love. I think you’ll love it, too.

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